Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Welcome to Pyjama Party Sunday.  I'm hoping this works, fingers crossed.

On more than the occasional weekend, Shay and I will stay in our pyjamas and work to our heart's content doing crafty stuff. Sometimes there's a lot to show and then quite a lot of the time we spend half the weekend on the computer, emailing each other, looking at blogs, commenting, and wasting spending invaluable time finding good stuff on the net.
I'm positive we are not the only ones that love to spend the weekend slouching about in our pj's, so the idea here is for anyone who has had a "crafty in their pyjamas" kind of weekend, even if you don't have much to show for it, or you weren't really in your pj's, (we don't need to see photos to prove it),  link your post here so we can all have a sticky beak and come and look at what you have been up to.

I have been in my pj's  pretty much all weekend, I needed a quiet weekend at home after the FUNtastic time I had last week. Saturday I finished the quilting, cutting and machine binding of Not Karma's Quilt, and now it's already to be hand sewn to the back.

I now have only 6 circles of doom to unpick,  last night I unpicked another two.

For my inaugural Pyjama Party Sunday I have been cutting, cutting, and even more cutting most of the day.

Ended up with a bit of a mess on the floor.

Finally finished cutting all the parts of the flowers for French Roses. This is not necessarily the final layout, it was just to give me an idea of what it looked like now that I have all 25 blocks completed. The two in the top left corner are the blocks I joined on the day of the class.

25 squares cut for the backing.

Next step -  to cut out the batting/wadding and make the quilt sandwiches, then on to quilting them, not today, I've had enough of cutting. Maybe onto the circles of doom again this evening.

If you would like to join in, please add your post to the linky thingy below.


  1. Well Marg I'm currently sitting in my pj's (but it is only 10 past 9 on a Sunday lol). Fabulous idea - I hope you get lots of links.

    Your quilt top is looking beautiful. Have a wonderful day.
    Shell x

  2. Hey Marg, your quilts look fabulous - as always! Love the backing on the french roses!

    I spend most weekends in my PJs if i dont have to go anywhere and if someone comes visiting i usually get caught out!

  3. Marg, Ive tried to link up but im not sure its working?

  4. I just love pyjama days and thank goodness it is school holidays and I can get a few in :-) I have just spent all day today in my PJ's and only took them off about an hour ago for a bath and put on a clean pair....Heaven! Spent my day on the porch chatting with my neighbours (in my PJ's, they are used to me by now) and knitting a hat, patting horses, puppies, cats and was a glorious sunny autumn day :-)

  5. What a cool idea..I wish i could have joined. But after having taught my camera how to fly I didn´t feel like doing ANYTHING anymore. Maybe next time.

  6. Sounds like a fun party .. I'll see if I can accomplish anything today. Right now the only thing I'm going to do is go back to sleep ..

  7. LOVE the French Roses, and what a cool idea to have a Sunday linky party!

    Not Karma's quilt looks fabulpusly great! Poor dog - you arent going to let him use it are you?

  8. I love your roses!! Pyjama Sundays are so sensible. I'll try to do something to link up next week.

  9. OH I remember these rose when you did the first one! I LOVE This quilt that is coming along, looks great so far.


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