Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

I hope everyone has had/is having a great weekend. Of course mine has been pretty fabulous as my birthday celebrations continued.  I was given THE most beautiful necklace by girlfriends yesterday.

I didn't have much of a chance to stay in pyjamas this weekend. Yesterday I had to go to the supermarket in the morning, and today we were up nice and early to go to the local farmers markets to pick up some supplies. Of course I couldn't go in my pyjamas, hmmm, I suppose I could have but I'm not much of a rebel.

A little bit of sewing has been happening at Chez Sunshine, working on the Flurry quilt yesterday and today.

I've changed the corner blocks, as this quilt design is for use with the Kate Spain fabric Flurry, which has a panel as part of it's line. The panel is supposed to be fussy cut for the corner blocks and some of the cornerstones in the main part of the quilt.  

I used my very limited mathematical skills to work out that I could make a 4 patch block in place of the corner block, and guess what

it worked.

Flurry quilt
I still need to add the sashing strips to either side of the pieced side borders and then add the outer borders, but it's almost finished.  I had to  cut ✂ 23589875944759284297455  2 1/2 inch squares for the borders. An easier way would be to cut 2 1/2 inch wide strips WOF, sew them together then cross cut them, BUT I always do things the difficult way and as I am using a layer cake and have used part of most of the layers already I had to cut very short lengths 2 1/2 inches wide and then sub cut them, so basically cut all those squares and then chain pieced them together again. That was fun................

French Roses

I think the 1/4 inch seam will work.

As it's quilt as you go, and you sew the blocks together so that the seam is at the front.

1/4 inch seam

Pressed to the front
Then add bias binding
French Roses
Bias binding added to cover the seam
Voila, it should be ok.............

I think

The bias binding pic is from when I made the first few blocks, I haven't go that far with these yet.

Birthday present
My birthday present - front

Birthday present
This is the absolutely beautiful necklace my girlfriends gave me. I just love it. I'm so lucky. 

We had a great evening, laughed - a lot. So much so that I think we may have scared off some of the other patrons, lol. 

The waiters were..............young, 

too young, but cute!

PJ PS will be taking a break next week as I'm visiting Melbourne (again) and will be going to the Craft and Quilt Fair while I'm there. (I'll be the one limping/hobbling around  like the hunchback of Notre Dame). I really hope my knee has improved a lot by then or I might need one of those motorised scooters, lol, I'll be able to run everyone over push everyone out of the way to get to the good stuff first, lol.

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  1. Wow the Flurry quilt (which my brain has nicknamed McFlurry... just because it clearly has McDonalds on the brain!) is coming along wonderfully! And the 1/4 inch seams definitely look like a winner of a solution!
    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne. Just a bit jealous! xx

  2. I was inspired by your Flurry quilt to pull my Christmas quilt out of the cupboard to have on the bed this week, Well it is Christmas in July after all.i'm so glad the roses are working, I think that is such a beautiful quilt!! Enjoy Melbourne! The show will be awesome, there's some amazing quilters down there. Oh and the shops, Amitie, Ballarat Patchwork.. Take lots of jumpers, scarves,wooly hats..and if they don't keep you warm you can always have some red wine to warm you up. Have fun!!

  3. Your flowers look perfect lucky you started with a larger seam allowance and can get by with a narrower one.
    Your flurry is looking perfect - glad you got those numbers right. I was wondering how to say the number for the 2&1/2 inch triangles though?
    Enjoy your trip and the show you should find lots of things to follow you home. Hope the knee survives the trip.

  4. Bloody show off...flaunting your perfect 4 patches in my face! Kidding! I love you.

    Your Flurry quilt really DOES look amazing. Great job and you're whipping through it so quickly.I think you're exaggerating about the number of strips you had to cut. 'Fess up.

    And French Roses looks wonderful too.

    One of the benefits of older age is that you get to look at young waiters and recall your own youth. Remember how dorky young guys are?

    Maybe you can get a couple of young hunky guys to carry you round the quilt show like you're a Princess..I hope your knee is better so you can enjoy it all. Im jealous!

  5. If you do get a scooter, be careful that the Victorian police don't impound you for hon driving, they've been doing a lot of that lately.

  6. What a great day! Love the flurry quilt. Hooray for 1/4 inch seams!

    Enjoy the quilt show next week. I hope your knee will allow you to enjoy it.

  7. Wow, 23589875944759284297455, is a lot of squares to cut! Glad you managed it!!! Lol - it looks fabulous and I love your corner squares.

    Sounds like you've celebrated your birthday in style and what a wonderful gift from your friends. Gorgeous.

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday Marg! Enjoy the craft show in Melbourne, yep pile on those woolies and keep warm. Loving the sashings and borders on the flurry, you guys are going to be all set come Christmas time! Wish i was that organised!


  9. Your Flurry quilt is looking great! Glad the Rose blocks are going to work. Happy Birthday, you only get this one once, so you should make it last as long as possible.

  10. The flurry quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me think how many weeks it is to Christmas!
    Glad you had a good birthday. I love being of an age where you can appreciate the cute young guys without worrying about actually trying to catch them! I suppose they just think we're sad old birds. Who cares! I have way more confidence now than I did then.

  11. Love love love your presents quilt!

  12. Your new necklace is so nice...lucky you :-) The Flurry quilt is gorgeous and almost done!!! I don't know how you do those roses, they look amazing. Have fun in Melbourne and take lots of warm gear it is going to be is nice to wear our warm clothes for a little while isn't it :-)

  13. thanks a way to go before i catch you up though on the quilting front....your new one is wonderful. belated birthday greetings by the way...i love the necklace x

  14. Your christmas quilt looks amazing! When I was shop hopping this June there were several stores that had that as a sample I had to hold myself back from buying a kit since I already have a christmas quilt in the works. But yours looks amazing!


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