Thursday, June 3, 2010

A teensy bit annoyed

Snowball Night is a great idea, just maybe not for me. In defence of my language, some of the  following words are terms of endearment in Australia.

Please do not read any further if you have an aversion to swearing.

This is a copy of an email I sent yesterday.

Dear ........

I am going to do serious damage to myself. I hate those little bastard squares. What the hell was I thinking. I can't sew a straight line on the diagonal even with a nifty diagonal straight line sewy thingy, and get those shitty 2" squares to sit square. I have completed 20 snowballs, 3 of which are actually 5" square.  The rest are any bloody shape other than square, or if they are square they are 4.97" squares give or take a 1/4 inch or two. Bloody bloody bloody snowballs.  I think I might do some installation art with them, like stab them with a very sharp knife, repeatedly. Throw red paint all over them, and then burn them with lots and lots and lots of fuel. Anything that will be a very painful death for those shitty little m*****  f***** squares shapes.  Failing that I can probably make two placemats out of them, coz I am pretty sure there is no way on God's earth I am going to make a bloody quilt out of those bastards.

I hope you had a nice day.


Maybe you can see from that email that I have been having a little bit of a problem with my snowball blocks.

Not only am I not loving the colour of the ones I have already made, (especially as I had this absolutely fantastic vision in my head before I started), but now I can't make them properly either.

I was really looking forward to doing them, but making them small, leaves much less margin for error. And to think on the first couple of blocks I actually did the second line of sewing so that I could use the cut off corners as blocks in another quilt. HA HA HA bloody HA.  At least I saw the light after the second one, when I actually opened it up and looked at the size. If I can't piece a 5" square how am I ever going to be able to sew two triangles correctly into a 1"square.

Now I am beginning to remember why I gave up quilting last time. I need a bit of patience, something that I am obviously completely and utterly lacking. Great!  I am going to keep quilting, as I have about 8766 yards of fabric in my stash, double great!  Not forgetting I just ordered some more on the weekend.

I think I will join all my fat quarters together, minimum cutting, that should be easy peasy.  In the meantime I will let somebody else run for Quilter of the Year, as I am seriously not going to make the cut. (pun intended)

I'm off to crochet now.


  1. I can't see one single thing wrong with that email. I could feel your love of quilting and of your snowball blocks oozing out of every word.

    Sometimes projects are challenging. You can press ahead or end up with a UFO. Or you can go down the petrol /matches road and pretend it never happened...I'm just saying.

  2. Marg, you crack me up! I looked at your last post and thought your snoballs looked great. I think the colors are wonderful. I think it is funny when people talk about how quilting is a stress reliever! I stresses me out from the moment I decide to make one! Which pattern, which material, etc, etc. Forge on young woman, whatever comes from this will be great.

  3. So its not just me then??
    I had dreadful trouble cutting out my little snowball quilt last year. I think I messed up on nearly every block. I know it should be simple which was why I chose to use it but it didn't want to play.
    This blocked has joined the exclusive club, along with french knots and crochet bullion stitch of craft things I hate and never want to do again as long as I live!

  4. LOL I loved the email and all the visualizations it brought with it!! Patience my dear is a virtue ;-) I am sure it will be absolutely amazing when you do finish it! Try one of those Granny Shrugs.... so easy peasy that you hardly have to think (coming from someone that did 5 rounds to a seven sided hexagon and then had to go back and start again.....)

  5. Ms. P. from over at Quilting in my Pyjamas mentioned your funny post on the snowball blocks. She was right! I'm your newest follower. :-)


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