Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Another Sunday and another day in pyjamas, yay. Although technically for me it was yesterday (Saturday), not today, I don't think I'll be able to spend much time having an arty party in my pj's today.

I didn't achieve very much yesterday. I did however manage to spend an awful lot of time on the internet. I could put it down to research and development, but really I was not in the mood to tackle too much and when I did I stuffed it up! So it's not all roses here at Chez Sunshine (pun intended).
This is what happened yesterday.
I worked on the french roses blocks, sewing them together and adding the binding. When I had two rows sewn I thought it would be good to sew them together to see how it was coming along.  I took ages to match all the binding up and making sure that the batting was in the right place to sew the seam. The only problem, the back should look like this.
Not like the first photo, grrrr. I was going to unpick it last night, but I didn't, instead I fast forwarded to the good bits of the Royal Wedding.

I'm extremely proficient in unpicking, I wonder whether that could ever be an Olympic sport, I would do very well, I think. I just wish I was as good at sewing it together.

A couple of quick and not very pretty photos of the binding on the front and the very nice seam in the middle that has to be unpicked.

In other news, I was surfing the net this morning and found something truly inspiring to give as a get well gift.
One of us has been injured, and although it does sound very nasty, I was a tad disappointed that it wasn't a craft related injury. I do hope all is well with your pinky Shay. In the meantime I thought I would order this and whip it up quickly for you. I just know it would be well received.

This lovely mini quilt over at Purl Bee.

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  1. Ha! im sure Shay will love it and might teach her to stop butchering poor innocent turnips! Seriously i hope her finger is OK!

    It is frustrating when you take your time to get everything perfect and end up having to unpick it, hope its the end of unpicking for awhile ; )

    Im still in my pjs though no craftiness happening, might link up later and fill you in on the happenings of late!

    Happy Sunday! ( phew! such a loooong comment!)

  2. Unsewing is the crappiest job ever. But this quilt is going to be gorgeous so it was well worth the pain.

    Speaking of pain...I'd much rather you came to cut my vegetables although that quilt is rather cute. I could hang it in my kitchen as a cautionary tale against vegetables in general!

    I'll be back later to link up.Against medical advice I am actually doing something today...

  3. Oh and Melissa ..those turnips were far from innocent!

  4. I won't be staying in my pjs tomorrow .. have an open house :(. Maybe I can get some quilty/crafty stuff done tonight.

  5. I had to laugh out loud at the quilt for Shay. Funny thing, I had just seen that quilt and thought about making it for my kitchen! I think it is cute!

    I am making a mini quilt for my Mom for Mothers Day. It is a 15 inch Broken Dish. I have some yard work scheduled for the morning and then I will shower and put my PJs on and join your party!

  6. Im linking up - Thanks Marg!


  7. It's 1pm and I haven't gotten out of bed yet... does that count? I've been reading craft blogs (hooray laptop!)

  8. I spotted that mini quilt yesterday and it's really sweet, I'm sure Shay and her pinky will love it. Have a happy PJ day - I'm heading into the garden today so will be getting out of mine and into my scruffs in a moment :0)

  9. I'd be a strong contender for the unpicker event!! Love the veg quilt, poor Shay, ouch. I know you had a little set back having to redo some of your rose sashing but that quilt is looking so beautiful, it's worth every stitch, and unstitch. I got my act together and linked up to your party!!!!

  10. Love the fact that you are about as mean and cruel as I am :-)
    poor Shay, I hope her finger is o.k.
    I just linked up even though it was a saturday in sweats - hope that counts. Don´t know about today, but I am still in sweats, so maybe I can post something else later.
    Love your quilt. And I hate unpicking, but sometimes it is well worth it - just as in my trousers.

  11. Just popping in for a hello! Hoping to make a come back soon--both to quilting/crafting and blogging!

  12. Yeah to me!!! I actually linked up to a party! I was not in my PJ's, but I was in some very relaxing sweat pants. Hope that counts. I look forward to joining again.

  13. I love that mini-quilt! so cute :)
    I think that would look so nice in Shay's kitchen! How long would it take you to make that?

    Sorry you had to spend so much time unpicking...I guess every day can't be a winner!

    Hope you have a good week!

  14. That is so funny you posted that mini quilt, I thought of Shay and her veggies when I saw that as well :-)
    Better late than never this week!


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