Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It's Mothers Day today and it's also Sunday so it's time for the weekly Pyjama Party.

Happy Mothers Day to all mums.

We are not doing anything exciting this year, just a nice quiet day. It's Bitchypoo's 18th birthday soon so that has been taking priority.  We'll catch up with my parents later this afternoon.

Feel free to have your own arty pyjama party and link up to this post. As usual, you don't really need to have been, or be in, your pj's to be arty or crafty, I'm definitely not coming over to check up on you. Thank you to everyone for joining in last week.

This week.
French Roses

I've sewn together and added the binding to all the French Rose blocks, now I have to make the borders.  The pattern calls for a pieced border and then a solid border. I will get around to it eventually, but in the meantime this morning I've been playing with a jelly roll or two and made this block.

test block
It's out of the Jelly Roll Quilts book that the lovely Shay gave me for my birthday last year.  The pattern is Floral Bouquet. It's really cute and after completing this one I'll be cutting up the rest of the fabric I auditioned to complete the quilt top.  It will definitely be easier to chain piece all the same block parts together. I will also have to remember which way to sew the diagonal lines, after sewing the first one and cutting and pressing before realising it was on the wrong way!!!!!!!

P1050056I finished this yesterday morning whilst in my pj's. I had  lots of people asking me what I'm going to do with it. I was thinking about making it into a cushion, but a) I have so many cushions already, and b) I am very lazy and it seems like a lot more work and effort to make it into a cushion than into a wall hanging.  So I think it's going to be a mini quilt wall hanging, even though I'll have to bind it.  For now it's been put to one side as I don't have matching thread for the quilting. I'm also scared witless to quilt it and ruin it.

I have so many projects in my head, that I want to try and I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day and more importantly I'm seriously lacking in time management skills. So even when I do have the time, I waste it. I'm also a champion at procrastination.
Enough of me, lets see what arty parties have been happening since last Sunday's party. Join in to the pyjama party fun by linking below.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Happy Mothers Day!!

    Your french roses pics arent coming up but ive seen it on Flickr and its gorgeous! i think the Jacobean flower as a mini quilt will look fantastic too.

    Have a great day , x

  2. That applique is absolutely stunning.

    PS - have you changed your blog font recently? It's a really light grey colour and I find it difficult toread. Not sure if it's just my screen?

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Some of your photos aren't showing... Your flower is amazing!!! Really really beautiful!!! It will look amazing as a Doll Quilt!!

  4. The photos are working now! I love the jelly roll flower, I hope you'll be making a whole quilt of those.

  5. Happy Mothers Day!!
    Love your work this week :) I think a wall hanging would be grand. xx

  6. French Roses is TO DIE FOR...completely inspiring. You have been a busy little bee of late.

    Was the new block difficult? It looks lovely!

    And the applique-perfect for a wall hanging. It's wonderful!

    I think I hate you ! Darn your crafty creative hide. :)

  7. Lovely quilting, I love the appliqué, its beautiful! I went riding and played with my horses today so no PJ crafting. Well I did finish Miss Ebony's fingerless glove with the fair isle ponies.....after ripping it out and restarting it about 4 times! One down....ONE to go! Lucky she is not 18 until the middle of June :-)

  8. Beautiful work - Hope Mom's Day was fab...

  9. Love that block - and your fabric choices. Also can't wait to see that applique quilted, I reckon it will really make your design pop. Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Your French Roses quilt is beautiful. Love the fabric choice. Happy Mother's day!

  11. Lovely raw edge applique a wallhanging is perfect.

  12. The rose quilt is looking so good...are you going to follow the pattern or do your own thing?1 The colours of the jelly roll fabrics are super.....another wonderful project in the making!

  13. Your work is really excellent!

  14. So do we not have to be in our pj's to join the party? If not then I'll definitely try to link up next Sunday...

    Hope you had a lovely relaxing mother's day - our UK mothers day was ages ago.

    Love the appliqué flowers and your block and Jacobean flower are lovely too - you've been so busy!

    Hopefully I'll get busy myself this week as my machine has been repaired and I can't wait to get her humming along again.

    Good luck with the birthday preparations.

  15. Beautiful projects all of them.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.


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