Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Good news, it's Sunday and we're still here. Just thought I'd let everyone know who's still in a Saturday time zone and you're wondering whether the world will end tonight, nope, not going to happen!

Now I've got that out of the way, I'm going to deal with the really important stuff, Pyjama Party Sunday, and it's even more cause for a party, because we didn't go up in a puff of smoke overnight.

I missed out last week as I was away having a great time on the Gold Coast, but would love you to link up this week to join in the fun. As usual you don't need to have been in your pyjamas. It's like any fancy dress party not everyone turns up in fancy dress, so whether you were in your pj's or not and would like to join in, please add your link below.
The really big news, I finished pebble quilting the Circles of Doom aka Strawberries and Champagne. I think I deserve three cheers and a glass bottle magnum of champagne for that achievement.
I went back to using the original fmq foot that came with the machine, so glad as it was a breeze compared to Friday night's nightmare.
It still took me half of Saturday so not a lot else was achieved on the crafting front, and I still have to quilt in the areas around the circles but surely that will not take forever and another 946 bobbins.

A view of the back.

Yesterday was interrupted by a nice lunch out with my parents here. It's a hard life, but I can cope!

I don't have much else to show as it's only early Sunday morning here, but I'm planning a crafty pyjama day today. If you would like to join in the pyjama party fun, link your post below.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday.


  1. You have done a wonderful job of that quilting Marg you do deserve a pyjama party that the world did not end we all can.

  2. I can't even imagine how much work it has taken to quilt, unsew, and requilt but it is really looking fabulous! Love the pebble design!

  3. Have i missed something? Why was the world going to end? The quilting looks Fantastic! it really suits the quilt, and will be well worth the time spent! Great Job Marg!

  4. Well done you! The pebble design has worked well and looks freat. I know my seam ripper very well too...what did we do before they were invented? As for the bobbin proiblem.WHEN is someone going to make a machine with a decent sized one? I wind 4 bobbins with black thread at a time.
    Your spice box quilt is FAB by the way! all the best, Moira x

  5. Pebble quilting looks so cool :-)

  6. I can't machine quilt to save my life so the fact that you unpicked and had a 2nd attempt has my mind reeling. It looks great! Well done I am truly impressed!

  7. Wow..I love that quilt and the pebble quilting looks awesome!!!Can I send you my next quilt to have it quilted?

  8. I'm glad we're still here!! I was going to link up but didn't get any sewing done :( I cut up charm squares for giveaway day tommorow so i did get a bit of fabric fun. The rest of the day has been shopping and housework, cooking etc. Some days you just can't ignore it. A magnum size congrats on getting all those pebbles done, thank god the Pfaff performed properly.

  9. Well, I've not done any crafting BUT I am still sitting in my PJ's (at almost 1 in the afternoon!).

    I've been creating a new page on my blog so I'll link to that if it's okay.

    Well done on finishing the circles on circles of doom - it looks fantastic

  10. Sorry Marg I managed to bugger up my link - so there may be two (the 7 one was cos my finger slipped!) so just ignore it.

    God, there's always one isn't there and I'm usually it lol.

    Sorreeeee :0)

  11. I know you secretly enjoyed all that ripping out and re-sewing those pebbles ....dont pretend you didnt.

    It really looks special and was worth all the angst.

  12. Very pretty quilt, glad all the "unsewing" paid off.

  13. The quilt is really pretty. The pebbles are so nice and round. Sorry it took unpicking. I didn't do any sewing today - we were off at a competition that Big was involved in. Glad you had a nice lunch with your parents.

  14. I need a pyjama day, actually, I'd have to get the jammies first. I love, love your circles quilt, the colours are wonderful too.

  15. love the pebble look, Marg! It really looks intricate and beautiful. You have perseverance and it sure paid off!

    I really haven't been watching the news much and just heard that the world was supposed to end the night before :) I'm pretty glad it didn't, I'll admit!


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