Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Global warming? Yesterday's weather was typical of the type of weather we have been having here and why I had decided to call my blog Sunshine? Paradise?. Unfortunately the Sunshine Coast is no longer the Sunshine Coast.  It has been weeks since we have seen a full day of beautiful sunshine. As usual, it is Easter so it must rain. Fortunately the rain gods kept their gifts to a minimum over most of the Easter weekend, and we had a couple of not too rainy days, however, they made up for it yesterday. So far, in 21 hours we have been inundated with 231mm of rain.  I think I will change where I go on all my holidays in future and a desert might be a wonderful place to be. Move over Nicole!!!!  It seems almost un-Australian to complain about the rain, when so many other places are in dire need of rain, and believe me I have been wishing fervently for it to go anywhere else it is needed.  


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