Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Update on the house.

I have a contract on the house, and a building and pest inspection will be done tomorrow. It "should" be just a formality and then the contract will go unconditional next Monday, fingers crossed and touch wood.
Hopscotch blocks

Today has been a day of sewing in my pj's, oh I've missed being able to stay in my pj's most of the day. It actually feels weird as it's been so long.
I started cutting out the pieces for this quilt, last night. I needed to make something bright and cheerful and a Tradewind jelly roll was the perfect antidote for feeling blah.  Lots of colour.

I made a couple of blocks first before I cut all the pieces. I'm glad I did, as one of my templates was not exactly accurate.
Hopscotch blocks

Today I cut out the rest of the pieces and started sewing blocks.

25 blocks so far,  52 to go.

Lots of pink and lime green coming up next.

I'm not sure why I started this,  call me crazy, as I'm going to have to start packing and sorting my things in the next few days. I should have picked a hand piecing project instead, that I can take with me.