Friday, May 1, 2009

Hoops of Fire

I have just spent the week trying to organise my name change. Something that before 9/11 was relatively easy, but now is difficult.  It doesn't help, when some of the information that is needed, is on overseas certificates.  I cross my fingers that the lowly clerk I am dealing with, doesn't decide that this certificate is not sufficient.   The really weird thing about changing your name, is that things like drivers licence, bank details, you would think would be difficult, but are not too bad as long as you have every bit of documentation that you have ever been given.  It's the utility companies that want to make your life hell.  This is where you need plenty of patience and possibly consumption of alcohol to help you on your way through the flaming hoops that they place in front of you.  I have been at the same address for 10 years and have always paid my account on time, but I need to have certified copies of my birth certificate and marriage certificate to prove my name change.  Why now, when I didn't need to show that when I first started up the account??????  

When I first decided to change my name, I thought it would be relatively simple.  Change passport, drivers licence, bank details etc.   OMG, you forget how many different institutions have your details and you can't just ring up and say can you please change my name.  SO, please any women out there getting married and wanting to change your name, think long and hard about it. If you ever want to, it is NOT easy reverting to your original name.

Now I am crossing my fingers that as my drivers licence is now in my new name, when anyone asks for ID anywhere that I haven't changed my name, I won't need to prove that I am me.

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