Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting to know you - me

I saw this a few weeks ago on Sarah's blog at Sara in Le Petit Village and I think it's a fun idea. It also doesn't require tagging other people. If you want to join in please do.
I don't usually share much about other stuff in my life so some of the newer visitors to my blog, (hello new readers and thanks for stopping by) will probably be interested bored stiff, to find out some incredibly exciting facts about me.

So here goes,

Age: old, but I don't feel old, I get a fright sometimes when I look in the mirror as I expect a twenty something to be looking back at me!
Bedsize: queen
Chores You Hate: vacuuming
Dog or Cat: both, 1 dog, 2 cats and Arnold the Siamese Fighter Fish oops, Arnold passed away last week
Essential Start to Your Day: waking up
Favourite Colour: this week, aqua
Gold or Silver: I love gold, but I wear a lot of silver these days.
Height: short 5' 2 3/4" that 3/4 of an inch really counts
Instruments You Play: piano, very badly
Job Title: slacker, mother of teenager,  once upon a time, long long ago in a land far far away - Credit Controller
Kids: 1
Live: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Mother's Name: my sister and I call her John, not her real name,  long story.
Nickname: none
Overnight Hospital Stays: a few including tonsils, appendix and DVT
Pet Peeves: rude people, especially those that don't say thank you
Quote from a Movie or Show: I can't remember what I did five minutes ago, so no chance of remembering a line from a movie. Hmm how about - Go ahead, make my day!
Right or Left: right
Siblings: yes, 1
Time You Wake Up: too early
Underwear: yes
Vegetable You Hate: snow pea sprouts
What Makes You Run Late: the internet
X-Rays You've Had: too many
Yummy Food You Make: lots of things, Prawn (shrimp) and lemongrass risotto, I make a pretty good omelette too (most of the time), guacamole
Zoo Animals: penguins


  1. What a fun list of random things - I may have to give this a try too!

  2. Thank You - just saying it so you don't think I'm rude. :)
    What a great list, Now I know you wear underwear. What is it with everyone and snow pea sprouts? I can never eat them neatly. I'm sorry to hear about your fish.

  3. hey old chook, i think we all feel like teenagers stuck in an old farts body with old farts undies on! sorry about arnold, he was cute!

  4. Great Idea...I'm going to do one now.

  5. Fun! Sorry about your pet fish. Seems time marches very quickly and birthdays arrive before you're ready, right? Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Nice to get to know you a bit better! I'm wondering what "right or left" means? Is it your political preference or if you are right or left handed? Just wondering ;).

  7. Fun! Sorry about your fish :-(

    I do like Brussel Sprouts (are they the same?) but we only have them at Christmas. Nice to find out some extra stuff about you :-)

  8. Great read, you made me chuckle.x

  9. Thank you for sharing. We too like to have a Beta fish hanging about on our kitchen counter, ours is getting elderly too. I hope you get another, maybe after you move? And Clint Eastwood said that, probably in the movie Dirty Harry, my fellow says it a fair bit.

  10. Nice little titbits of info. We have fish too - we keep trying to have new fish but the old ones just think the new ones are sushi and eat them. Suggested euthanasia for the old ones but the girls won't have it!

  11. What a nice idea...thanks for sharing. And I am sorry for the fish...Arnold what a great fish name :-)

  12. You always make me laugh! We used to keep tropical fish, but the death toll got too much for me!

  13. Fun facts about you! Poor Arnold!

  14. Of course the 3/4" is important, that's almost a whole inch. Height is an important thing in our house these days, Drama Teen is worried about not getting any taller.

    Thanks for sharing. I hate vacuuming too.


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