Saturday, June 23, 2012

It was well and truly worth it

After all the hair pulling, crying, panic attacks, and swearing (lots and lots of swearing), I think it was well and truly worth the hours and hours and hours and hours of working on the house.  At the risk of boring you all witless and/or making you hate me because I'm lucky enough to live in paradise, I'm posting some photos that will be used for marketing.

I wasn't going to put the house on the market until next month but due to being pushed by the real estate agent to get it ready for sale, I pulled my finger out over the last couple of weeks, now it's done, and a couple of people have looked at the house already.  It's still not up on the internet but these are some of the photos that were taken by the photographer that will be used for advertising.

I'm so pleased with how it looks, and now I'm having second, third and fourth thoughts about selling, as it looks so beautiful, even if I do say so myself. It's so annoying that I didn't make the most of the house while I've been living here and now that I'm selling it someone else is going to benefit from all the work.  Typical, and I swore I'd never do that. HA!!!

Look at the beautiful blue sky, it's the middle of winter here and we have had the most fabulous weather, not today though, it's been cold and wet and horrible.
A similar view to the one on my blog header

You've seen these doors before but not the cushions on the chair.

From the studio looking across the pool to the house.

The pavilion

Living and dining areas.

The kitchen is not as huge as it looks in this photo.

Look at those floors!

The hammock and sofa on the verandah and there's Wonky Owls in the foreground, just!
Look at that fabulous view, I'm really going to miss it.

There are 30 photos all together that were taken, most are great, a couple I'm not loving, you can see a few more, but not all of them on flickr.

Oh and I would love it if you could tell me which photo from here or on flickr would be THE photo that should be the first one that will be seen on the internet. There are so many great photos and we are having a very difficult time trying to choose which one would be the best.


  1. Ummm yes you DO live in Paradise. Wow!
    For me as a buyer, I don't care so much about what it looks like from the front (which is the boring photo you see on every RE listing).
    Its all about the kitchen and living areas first. When I sold my last house, the first photo in the listing was my newly renovated kitchen. It drew people in!

  2. Wow!! What an amazing house!! I've been going over the photos and can't pick a favourite, they're all amazing. I'll go and have a look at flickr...

  3. I narrowed my choices to photos 5, 15 and 29. I was thinking I could pick some lotto numbers using the numbers of my favourite photos then if I won I could buy the house. :)

  4. Oh My what a Gorgeous Home..Love the Kitchen.
    Good Luck but I don't think you will Need it.

  5. how did we not know you had a pool marg! the house looks fabulous, you must be sad to leave but onward and upward x

  6. Wow, it looks amazing! Can I come live with you? :-)

  7. Wow! I don't blame you for having second thoughts. Your house and property are just stunning! I don't know if Australian buyers are more interested in the outside than Michigan buyers, but the shot that would draw me in is the living/dining area. All that great space and the lovely high ceilings - yum! Your kitchen is fantastic too.

    I can't imagine that someone won't snap this beautiful property up quickly (wish it could be me!) and you'll be having a great time in the city before you know it :)

  8. They're all great, but I'd go for the top one on here (and yes, you do live in paradise *sigh*)

  9. How can you bear to leave it? Love the last photo of the veranda with the hammock and fabulous outlook.

  10. Your house is absolutely beautiful! The photo that "spoke" the most to me is the one taken from the studio over the pool. Somehow I get the "feel" of the property the best in that one. I also love your Chinese doors. Best of luck with the sale!

  11. OMG, I wish I could move there immediately. Are you sure, it is stunning. I cannot imagine you will have any trouble selling it, I would expect a bidding war.

  12. The pool shot is beautiful but I suspect serious buyers might react to pic no. 23.
    You have a beautiful home Marg and I can't imagine you will have any trouble selling.
    BTW, we are home now after our big hol. Only 2 days of rain, 1 in Cairns and then wall to wall sunshine, and then 1 day rain in Sydney - and you call that winter.......

  13. I vote for the last one seen here with the marvellous view of paradise. That photo would make me want to see all the rest. Plus I am a sucker for a fabulous veranda.

  14. Fabulous them all, but I think the living area shot really makes you want to be there!

  15. See- all the hard work was worth it. Your house looks utterly gorgeous. I want to buy it (then you could still come and visit !)

    I'd choose a photo of my living/dining area to wow people into looking at more. But I don't think you're going to have any trouble getting people in to look!

  16. I'll take it! If only....

    If it were me, I'd put the photo of the living / dining area up first. It's so light and airy. Very inviting. Not that there are any bad photos!

  17. Marg, what an amazing home! do you really need to move? It is magnificent! I love the living dining photos showing off that fab racked ceiling and so roomy. They are all spectacular. Maybe I will buy it myself!...

  18. My god Marg, how can you leave this! It is fantastic. If I book my flights now, can I come visit before you sell it?
    I'd say the one of the living area would drag me in, it is just wonderful.
    Good luck - I would think if you've put a good price on it, you should sell it in a flash!!

  19. Your house looks fabulous. I hope you have somewhere equally wonderful to move to. As to the photo - I think I'd choose the last one - great verandah with an awesome view. Best of luck with the sale - I hope you get top dollar!

  20. wow - gorgeous - it would be terribly hard to leave - how funny - we all do it - leave all those jobs we meant to do until we sell the place - and then look at how gorgeous it is!

  21. You worked hard and have created an amazing home that you should be proud of, and I have no doubt you will get the new one looking fab as well with all the advantages the move will bring you.


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