Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cocktail Wednesday (on Thursday)

Another week has rolled around and it's Cocktail Wednesday again.   Well it was yesterday, but as Thea has picked this weeks gem and she lives on the other side of the world and is therefore a day behind, we have been waiting for her to give us her verdict before Shay and I posted our "results".

Below we have a photo of most of the ingredients, I forgot about the other two ingredients when I was taking the photo, although I didn't forget to add them in when it was time to make this cocktail.
An eclectic mix in this one
The recipe called for Calisaya Liqueur but as both Shay and I discovered, it is not available in Australia or anywhere else in the world except Eugene, Oregon.  After quite a bit of research, and many emails back and forth between Shay and myself, we thought that Angostura bitters would be a reasonable substitute.
The ingredients: rum, Calisaya liqueur (Angostura Bitters substituted), maple syrup, coffee, and frothed milk. I'm not going to give you the recipe. You're welcome.

The piéce de resistance, see the photo below.
Yes, that is bacon

Another shot of the bacon
The Bacon Maple Syrup Cocktail.

I  couldn't decide whether it was going to be really bad, or it might just be an interesting mix that couldn't be as bad as it sounds.  Well I'm here to tell you that I think Thea may have been trying to poison us.  In the defence of the cocktail, it possibly could have been much better if we had the Calisaya, but I'm not ever going to try it even if I miraculously find that stuff, (not that I'm ever going to look for it either.)

Thank god for the bacon. The bacon was great. It almost masked the taste of the two sips I tried. Why did I take a second sip?

On a more positive note, BP has finished university for the year and is back home for the summer break. She has found part time work locally, so I'll have the pleasure of her company for the next three months!

BP and Bailey selfies.


  1. Bacon??! Wow you guys are really exploring the wild side of cocktails. What will you come up with next? Cute photo of Bp and Bailey.

  2. I'm sorry Marg, I couldn't even contemplate this one once you mentioned bacon! Do I hear a note of sarcasm in your voice, "the pleasure of BP's company"?

  3. Laughing over here, Marg! Why did you take a second sip?? At least Shay kept the bacon undefiled by not putting it in the drink!!!!!

  4. I think you are quite brave to try a second sip, always give those cocktails a fair trial.

  5. Sounds horrendous. I hope the bitters were already on hand so you could make something palatable for Recovery Friday :)

  6. I just couldn't even have brought myself to make this, what a waste of good booze lol Oh, and bacon. But not together...

    Have fun with BP!

  7. Gotta say I think we all deserve a standing ovation for surviving this experience...not our most shining moment.

    I may have to come visit to help you wrangle BP....

  8. Milk and bacon, hmmmm, I think that should have given it away. Hopefully you can rescue the left over ingredients and find something yummier to make!

  9. These cocktails are turning into cockUP tails !!!

  10. I have never seen bacon in a cocktail before. Apparently, there is a reason why! :p

  11. I am starting to wonder if the people who made up these drink recipes ever tried them.


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