Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunshine Hmmmmmm

Back in April when I started this blog, my first post was about the amount of rain we were having. I now wish I hadn't complained so much. Unfortunately since July we have hardly had any rain at all. I live in a sub tropical climate and although we have a dry few months from the end of July to November, by now we should have had heaps of rain. It has been soooo dry that a lot of my plants are starting to look very, very sick. We have had a few thunderstorms and usually they would inundate us with rain, but no such luck. Today it was looking very ominous.

And even more ominous.
Unfortunately, as promising as it looked, and we were all crossing our fingers, we only had 4mm (0.15inches). We need at least 3 times that in one storm to get things back on track. Hoping the forecast storms for tomorrow will bring the much needed rain.

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