Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sewing circles

I've been very very quiet on the sewing front the last few weeks.  All kinds of stuff took over and I totally lost my mojo.
I have been doing bits and pieces but nothing worth blogging about. A few more diamonds sewn to the starflowers and cutting some pieces for the Material Obsession BOM.

I finally sewed all the pieces together for the centre of the BOM block below. I'm months behind now.

After having a couple of free hours this week and yesterday. I made the outer ring for Block 1. 

I was pretty darn pleased with myself.

Until I put it next to the centre circle and thought, gee it's a little bit bigger than I thought it would be.  

I soldiered on regardless. 

I should know better than that.

I sewed.............very carefully...............the centre circle to the outside circle, 


I've made a shower cap!


  1. I cant stop laughing... not at your effort dear girl, but at your are so funny.

    you make my day

  2. I'm sure with a bit of pressing, you can make it lie flat! It's looking gorgeous anyhow!

  3. Oh no.... Seam ripper to the rescue! It will be a stunner though. Amazing fabrics. I hope your mojo returns soon :)

  4. I agree- starch or Fabulon might help save the situation! It is a far more complicated block than I've ever done!!!

  5. Yeah but its a pretty spunky shower cap no less! Dont know Marg but i would be trying the Fabulon! Looks fantastic by the way!....


  6. Yep-I'm with Melissa. That's the cutest shower cap I've seen in ages.

    Swear at it. It wont make it any flatter but it'll make you feel better.

  7. I just had to read that one out loud - poor you!
    That circle block is so difficult looking - is it all hand pieced??

  8. How do you make the shower cap water proof?
    The colours and concept look fantastic.

  9. Sorry, I'm laughing like a donkey! But what a great shower cap (apart from the hole in the top!)

  10. I'd love to tell you that I'm not laughing right now, but I'm sorry to say that my sides are aching. And while I sympathise your frustration I am also thinking that you are madly ambitious, because I would take one look at that pattern and run in the opposite direction. Lol....
    It is one brilliant looking shower curtain though!

  11. It is a gorgeous shower cap. I agree with Shay swear at it a bit, you'll feel better. If it were me, the whole project would go into long term UFO storage and would probably never see the light of day again. But since we all know how determined you are, I'm certain you'll have it laying flat in no time.

  12. I sure would love a snazzy shower cap like that :)

    Your inner and outer pieces both look great. I wonder what went wrong? Could be one of those quilting mysteries that never get solved.

  13. Such an elegant shower cap! I hope you just resewed it just a very small tad closer to the centre and did not rip it out first - remember that a small bit takes a lot in on a circle seam.

  14. You could start a production - reading your comments it shouldn´t be hard to sell the shower caps. As far as the block goes, I am amazed that you even contemplated sewing a block like that. It looks pretty darn good. I would not iron it, cause it´ll probably won´t help too much...seam ripper might be the best solution.

  15. That block is really scary .. I wouldn't have even attempted it. I wouldn't be swearing, I would be crying. After all that work. :(.

    Hopefully you can salvage it with the seam ripper.

    Worst case, you've got the snazziest shower cap ever.

  16. I always feel really silly when I sit in front of the computer and laugh out loud but that's what I'm doing! It looks amazingly difficult to me. Iron it A LOT, put it under your mattress and sleep on it, run the car over it a couple of times. I'm sure you'll manage to fix it.!!!

  17. A-dorable shower cap there, Marg! Your labels on your post are as hilarious as your commentary!

  18. Lol!! Oh dear!! Get the iron!! With Bom program can you ring or email Material Obsession to find out where you went astray. Did you put an extra triangle in the circle.


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