Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Subtitle :  The week I turned a shower cap into a quilt block.

It's been a while since I joined in on WIP Wednesday. Lots of things have been happening at Chez Sunshine, not much involved sewing.
However this week I'm back into hand sewing, not without dramas. I think we all know by now that just about everything that involves sewing on this blog is usually accompanied by a drama!
In my last post I was less then impressed with my attempt at sewing a block for the Material Obsession BOM.  You can read about it here. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.
You might need the background for this to make sense, then again, not much I say makes sense.
Fo those of you who already read my last post here's the photo to jog your memory, this was what I finished up with something very closely resembling a shower cap.

Despite wanting to throw it in the corner and forgetting about it, I was given a few helpful hints like running over it with the car to flatten it, using a huge amount of spray starch and ironing it to death or sleeping on it, literally, to flatten it. I had already tried starch and the iron, and I wasn't quite ready to take to it with the car, although I must admit I was very tempted.  Instead I grabbed my trusty seam ripper and worked on the seam between the inner and outer circle as individually they lay flat before I sewed them together. I then took a look at the seams between the aqua and blue triangles. I realised I had used a scant 1/4 inch for the seams rather than a full 1/4 inch, so I sewed over every seam again. I wasn't about to seam rip all of them!!!!!
After doing that I sewed it back together, which also involved more seam rippping as I managed to catch the centre circle in the seam - twice, grrrrrr. Naturally I hadn't managed that amazing feat the first time I sewed it together.
Here's the final result.
Better, not great, but it is better!
This was after lots more spray starch and pressing the crap out of it.
Centre circle

Now it doesn't have a hole in the middle in case I need it as a shower cap.

Slow progression
Growing slowly
More hand sewing.

A few weeks ago I joined in on the Scrappy Swap run by Kat. For my scrappy item I made a scissors case. This was completed a few weeks ago but I couldn't post about it until I knew my partner received it. I drafted my own pattern with the help of a friend and made the first one in pink to see whether it would work and then made the second one in yellow and grey as my partner loves that colour combination. 
Scissors Case
Scissors Case
Scrappy Swap, scissors case front
Scrappy Swap scissors case, inside
Scrappy Swap scissors case, back
I'm really happy with both of them, especially the fussy cut bird on the front of the grey/yellow, using Joel Dewberry fabric. 
I forgot to take photos after I had sewed the magnetic catch to them!

Worked On This Week
Material Obsession BOM

If I Ever Work On These It Will Be A Miracle
Mystery Quilt
Floral Bouquet quilt
HST project - finish backing
McFLurry - start making the backing - (I think I should aim for a finish for Xmas 2012)
Circle Game BOM
Hexagon Cushion
Monochromatic Challenge

Weeks Statistics
Worked On - 2
Ignored - 7

Thank you Lee for hosting WIP Wednesday. Pop on over to Lee's blog to see lots of creativity this week.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Good on you for persevering on the BOM!!! I hope the next one doesn't cause so much angst!! Have you received your Scrappy Swap yet?

  2. Love the scissor cases and I'm glad you fixed your "shower cap"! But most of all, thanks for a morning chuckle!

  3. It feels so good when you finally get something to work out doesn't it. Almost worth all the drama (and colorful language) that accompanies the rework. The BOM looks great. So do the scissor cases.

  4. Well done for persisting with that shower cap, I mean that block. I looks very good from here. I'm having the same problem with Dresden Plate blocks. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it won't sit flat if I use the prescribed numbers of blades. The good thing with that is, that I can just add one or two and it is fixed. Maybe my 1/4 inch seam is also too generous. Love the scissor cases, very jolly!

  5. Congratulations on conquering that block! I hope the next one is easier.

    LOVE the scissors cases!

  6. The circle block looks wonderful now. It is amazing how the tiniest difference in a seam can add up when you have so many in one block. I just love the scissors cases, I am going to have to make one for me.

  7. I am in love with those stars, and the little cases are great!

  8. Okay, hats off to you for perservering through the BOM...I gave up! LOL

    Love the hand sewing too!

  9. Nice work, that looks great. Well done on not giving up either, although it would make a groovy shower cap! Loving the scissors case, very clever idea - especially love the wee little bunting, so cute!

  10. Hi! Wow, great projects, so beautiful and also so difficult blocks!
    x Teje

  11. Well, you have added a smile to my MO BOM is currently at the quilters, I had my spak attack about mine ages ago! That block tended to want to be a bit many bias edges I think and a mm here & there and, tah dah! a new shower cap! Good luck & persevere, the rest of the blocks were better...look forward to see how it goes!

  12. Love that squashed flat shower cap. I bet that unpicking mad you MAD!

    Love the scissor cases - maybe I should make one for myself ....

    Im still ignoring Flurry's on the list but there isnt much happening !

  13. I have these templates and I am so scared to cut them out!

  14. Whether it be a shower cap or quilt block - it's gorgeous! :)

  15. When you mentioned that there is always drama on this blog, my brain suddenly flipped to this image of Sew Opera (not sure if you have soap operas in Australia, but it's a daytime drama tv genre that's pretty over the top) with the main actress wearing a quilted shower cap while figuring out how to tell her best friend that her previously-thought-to-be-dead son was really alive but he had run off with her daughter.

    Why yes, I DO need more sleep. So nice of you to notice! :O

    In other news, I adore your grey/yellow scrappy scissors holder, and I wish I had the ability to do machine embroidery! It's so stinkin' adorable!

  16. Good job with the block and fixing it up. I think it looks great. Love the scissors cases.

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  18. Ooh, that scissors case is a great idea! I keep poking holes in my bags!

  19. Seam rippers really can be the best tool to fix things, but they are always the most dreaded! Glad you worked it out, Marg, it looks really lovely now.

    The scissors cases are gorgeous! I made a bunch of yellow and gray bags for my DD's wedding that I just posted about.

  20. Ha, I have an "If I Ever Work On These It Will Be A Miracle" list too. You should join us on and give yourself a week to host and aim for a 'significant' finish. :) I'm trying not to cheat and use recent small finishes.

    I like your shower cap and the scissor holders.


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