Sunday, November 27, 2011

YEs, I'm still here

Where do I start? I have been juggling a lot of things lately and something had to give.  I had so much happening,  pair that with a complete and utter loss of sewing mojo, meant blogging lost out for the last few weeks.

So now for all the news at Chez Sunshine.  BP is moving to Brisbane.
I'm a city girl at heart even though I've lived here for 12 years now. Wow 12 years, the longest I'd ever lived anywhere before that was 4 years. So I have taken the opportunity to find somewhere for BP to live in Brisbane that would also be perfect for me

to go and

visit and

stay and

shop and

do the stuff that city people do that I haven't done since I had Bitchypoo.  She is OK with that, in fact she is very ok with that.

Almost 2 weeks ago we moved most of BP's stuff there, but she's still here!!!!!!! She loves her mum so much she won't move out, ha ha.  I might have to move to Brisbane and leave her up here :) BP is still here partly because she has a part time job that will take her up to Christmas and the post Christmas sales, which is great.  She is working for a company that has stores in the city too so she can transfer to one of them if she wants when she moves to Brisbane. It also looks like she may have another job lined up in Brisbane in the new year. Fingers crossed for that one.

On the sewing front, it's been weeks since I felt like sewing.  I couldn't even summon the enthusiasm to sew a seam, cut some fabric or piece some of the EPP starflowers.
Nada, zip, nothing.

Cue Julie from Melbourne coming up to stay.  Jules was the catalyst for my sewing frenzy yesterday.  Julie helped me organise my stash and my projects. I cleaned up the dining table that went from way worse than this.

I should have taken before photos.

To looking like this.

A little bit of retail therapy helped, some Christmas fabric came home with me, for a Christmas project that might not be finished until the end of next year.

With my cleaned up sewing area and finally  feeling like working on something, the first cab off the rank was basting this baby.

Saturday Julie and I basted it, and I started and finished quilting this quilt. I must be sick. I just hope that this doesn't mean I've used up all my mojo that I found. Photos in next post.

Sunday was hot, very hot so in the morning we had brunch along the river at Noosaville.

Love this cafe, great view and food.
Then went for a walk along the beach at Noosa Heads.
I am not one of the people lying on the beach.

Sunday afternoon I was going to make the binding and sew it on,  but it was just too hot to think about doing that.


  1. You may have misplaced your sewing mojo but you sure look like you've been busy!

  2. Looks like you have everything under control now. I doesn't feel like a year since BP finished school and decided to have a year off study. Is she taking on some study next year then? ( Am I remembering this right ?) I'm sure you will really miss her though she is not far away.
    The speed at which you churn things out I'm sure a little break from sewing has done you good.
    It was as hot as hell here on Sunday too.

  3. Whew! No wonder you haven't had much sewing mojo going on. Sounds like you are beginning to get it back though. Love that Hometown quilt - I look forward to seeing the finished version.

    Good luck to BP on her move - very exciting for her!

  4. Lovely to see you back and I kinda like your dining table...before...'cause it looks like mine at present. Beautiful fabrics and your quilt is lovely. Good luck to your daughter in the big smoke.

  5. Big decision making takes up a lot of brain power and energy--I'm not surprised that the sewing mojo retired to a very small part of your cerebral cortex for a few weeks. But, boy, when it was spurred on by a friend, you did wonderful. Hope the Brisbane separation/connection works out for both of you. It is hard to be a mother sometimes!

  6. Sounds more than enough going on to keep you from getting your mojo back. Hope that it's back for a bit. Good luck to BP in her new place.

  7. Good having you back Marg - think I'd find it hard concentrating on sewing if I lived in Paradise!

  8. Just when we were going to send out the search party! Yay for Julie helping kick start your mojo - amazed at how much you got done. Super keen to see how the star quilt looks when it's bound, I really like that one. I reckon the big clean up had a lot to do with it, I'm a big proponent of cleaning = inspiration. So, do you get a dedicated sewing room now that BP is moving to Brisvegas? Your dining room table will breath easy!

  9. Hello!! That's some big changes going on in your life! I think it's fun that you'll have a place with BP in Brisbane. You'll be able to do city posts about fun things in town. I'm glad your friend Julie got you fired up to do a bit of sewing. I love the 3 pears shot. And you know I love your half triangle quilt, can't wait to see the feature post about it.

  10. I love the hometown quilt and way to go on getting it basted and quilted in one day. Im so proud of you (and now I feel like a lazy slackarse)

    So that's what your kitchen table looks like !

    I hope BP has a ball in the big smoke. Imagine what it'll be like having your house to yourself!

  11. I get the feeling that you'll be visiting BP quite often, if she ever moves out of course lol.

    Sewing mojo's come and go but you sound like you've been really busy in the meantime and that it has now returned and is making up for lost time.

    Your quilt looks fab, as does your work area!

  12. Big changes for both of you. I'm sure its been hard work and will take a while to adjust but it will be all good in the end.

  13. That beach is beautiful, I do hope you hang out there sometimes and your quilt is looking beautiful.

  14. Cool to see you back, Marg! I thought maybe you had faded out just as I am beginning to dip a toe back in to blogging.

    However, *I* certainly understand how real life can make blogging and quilting not just second place, but so far down the list it's not on the radar.

    Glad you got a bit of the mojo back with Julie.

    You really do live in a bit of paradise, Marg. Your pictures always look like they should belong on a post card.

  15. Glad everyone is well at Sunshine Paradise! What are you going to do with BP in Brissy? Maybe you will have to set up a sewing machine at her place! LOL ( i think you will be spending a lot of time there!)

    Love your dining table Marg and the HST quilt is gorgeous! Look forward to the finished photos! (Yeah its been so hot here too - not much sewing done : (

    Have a great week!



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