Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Another Wednesday and it's been two weeks since I joined in last time.  I was away last week and took lots of hand sewing with me.  I finished the binding on a quilt, worked on a Material Obsession BOM block and finished another three starflowers, not as much as I was hoping to achieve but not bad either.

Firstly, a finish. A housewarming gift for my wonderful friends. I can't believe I already have a finish for 2012, this is a good start for me and I hope it is a sign of things to come.

As usual, I took my camera and then completely forgot to take any photos of it at it's new home.
Flannel backing and a peek at the quilting
This was taken before it was washed and tumble dried.

And after, all crinkly. Fortunately I did remember to take photos once it was washed and dried but before I took it to it's new home. I'm so happy with this one, even though they are not my usual colours. All the stats on this quilt will be in my next post.
It looked great in the house, even if I do say so myself. It goes perfectly with their sofa and cushions.

I finished the piecing on the MO BOM block and was doing the happy dance as I didn't have to seam rip a single seam, it's flat and looks like it should, phew.
MO BOM block
Now I just need to applique it to the background.

Finally three more starflowers.
Three more starflowers

I've also been busy stalking partners in two swaps, Mouthy Stitches and the Name Game. That has been taking up a lot of my time this week.

The Lily quilt has come back from the longarmers today so I'm hoping I can work on the binding over the next couple of days and maybe even have it finished before the end of the month!

Worked On This Week
Circles Quilt
Material Obsession BOM

Sitting Patiently On The Sidelines
Lily Quilt
Tiggly Winks

Amitie Circle BOM

The Weeks Statistics
Finished - 1 YAY!!!!!
Worked On - 3
Ignored - 4
New - 0 - I think it's a record for me. It's been weeks since I started a new project.

Thanks again Lee for hosting the linky party.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tomorrow, Thursday, is Australia Day, we've had lots of rain and flooding here in south east Queensland again, fortunately nowhere near as bad as last year, but most of the planned official celebrations in this area have been cancelled. I hope everyone has a great day regardless!


  1. You've had a very productive week Marg! Especially as there are lots of other things to worry about! Good for you!

  2. absolutely love the circles quilt marg - it's fantastic - from the weather report where you are you really need those gorgeous golden orange suns - hope you're not getting too inundated with rain

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  4. You are putting a lot of us to shame. I've spent today vegging out - going to movies. I'll start to pull myself back into gear by the end of the week.

  5. The orange and grey circle quilt turned out beautifully! I bet your friends were thrilled.

    Getting that BOM to lie flat without ripping any seams is quite an accomplishment - congrats!

  6. You have some beautiful things going there!!

  7. Congratulations on your first finish of the year! And what a lovely quilt it is! I'm sure the new owners love it. Your BOM is very pretty too. Do you do the blocks by hand or machine? Keep up the good work ;).

  8. Love the quilt, Marg! I really love orange, it's so under-utilized, don't you think?
    Stay safe with all that flooding!

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  10. totally in love with your orange and gray quilt!!

  11. that orange and gray quilt is fab- really pretty and so modern- fantastic!

  12. I love the orange circles, those are very much my colours.

  13. Your house warming quilt is such a winner!! Everything about it works!! I particularly love the quilting :) Did you like making the Queen of the May block? theres a point at which it dosent look like it will go together but somehow it works. The star flowers are sooo pretty.

  14. you have a great taste in color and pattern. this is my first visit, and i love your eye for those! the oranges and greys on the quilt are amazing.

  15. I love the circles quilt! (You can always ask them to take a picture of it in its new home.)

  16. I love the orange and gray quilt! It'll bring such warmth to their new home.
    And doesn't it just feel tremendous when a block like that MO BOM lays flat?! Like somehow you just invented the wheel, or something?! :) At least that's how I feel. :) It looks great!

  17. I love that orange quilt, it is one of my very favourites! Congratulations on the finish. Sorry to hear about the rain.

  18. Hi Marg! The circles quilt turned out great - that pattern is also on my to-do list :)

  19. The Circle quilt has grown on me. I've always loved the design, but like you, I initially found the colors outside of my comfort zone. Now that it's done, it just looks so warm and happy.

    That MO BOM block is gorgeous! And you already know how I feel about the star flowers. Love them!


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