Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Translation Tuesday Occupations

Oops, had this pretty much ready to go for Tuesday, but because we had a public holiday here on Monday, I forgot it was Tuesday and totally forgot to post it, so sorry it's late. At least it's still Tuesday in most of the world.

This week, as an aid to anyone who is thinking of moving to Oz, you might need to know what your profession is called here, or maybe you might be thinking of starting a new career, here are a few Aussie professions for you.

Journo = Journalist
Garbo = Garbage Collector
Gyno = Gynaecologist
Ambo = Ambulance Officer
Pollie = Politician
Fiery = Fireman
Cop = Policeman
Milko = Milkman
Muso = Musician
Truckie = Truckdriver
Postie = Postman
Brickie = Bricklayer

Once you are working in your ideal occupation you may occasionally feel like chucking a sickie. That's when you take a sick day off work even if you are perfectly healthy. If you chuck a sickie and somebody dobs (informs) on you, you could get the sack (fired).

If you are on Workers Compensation because you really have been injured at work, as opposed to taking a sickie, it's Compo.

If you don't work at all you could be called a bludger, that would be someone who is idle or lazy.

If you work really hard and don't earn very much, but soldier on stoically, you would be called a battler, or to be more precise an Aussie battler.

I'm sure I've missed a few so if you know of any more feel free to add to them in the comments.

A warning, not all Aussies use these terms, I probably wouldn't say half of them, so it's probably best not to practice them on every Aussie you meet.


  1. Try to fit all those words in one sentence now please! ;-)

  2. Stick an 'o' on the end and call it good then...

  3. Absolutely Katie.. Goodo, in fact!! And there are not many milkos in Melbourne! What about a chalkie? That's an old one for a teacher! Just don't happen to use chalk anymore!

  4. At least the names make the jobs sound more fun .. though gyno,not so much. What's a secretary? or Office Manager? or just an office worker? I like chalkie for teachers .. thanks for another lesson in Aussie.

  5. I don't use them either...they are funny though!

  6. I have never chucked a sickie in my life. I know a ton of bludgers though.

    Great post - full of informative lingo.

  7. Brilliant!! I love these posts!!

  8. I love your posts Marg. The only other one I could think of was a Morning tea break is a SMOKO which is now politically incorrect as we are discouraging smoking.

  9. You still have milkmen in Oz? I can remember when we had one, but that's been a very long time ago now. Thanks for all the tips.

  10. Now that I understand the "language" I will be ready to visit! I am always amazed at the differences in language.

  11. So would a quilter be a quilto or a quiltie or something completely different like a needleie?? Also interesting bludgers and battlers - reminds me a bit of quiddich, Harry Potter and video games. There is so little slang in use in my part of Canada it is fun to learn.

  12. Marg, I use em all and love to use them. My hubby is a 'sparky' (electrician) and he has lots of mates who are chippies (carpenters). We are a funny bunch eh?


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