Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Last week I totally amazed myself and quite a few other people too!  I made the jelly roll race quilt top as the backing for a quilt top that I had made almost two years ago.

I finished the quilt in a day.  Yay!  It had been bothering me that the quilt top had been sitting there for so long, so it was good to finally finish it.

and the back
Finished back
I quilted through the middle of the chocolate squares on the front horizontally and vertically.

Back - and sometimes the quilting crossed through the chocolate squares on the back!

Pure for the binding.
It's not very big but it's the perfect size as a small lap quilt while sitting in a chair or wheel chair. I have someone in mind for this quilt, but I'm going to wait and see how the next quilt pans out before I make a decision.
Part of the pile of squares from last week has been made into HST's and trimmed to size. It's time consuming trimming them down, but at least I know they are all perfect 3 inch squares now. I much prefer making them a little bit bigger, and knowing I can trim them down, rather than hoping that my piecing is perfect and then finding it isn't and I have to make more because I wasn't accurate enough.  This is coming from a LOT of experience in my not so accurate piecing. The  #@!* snowballs especially, come to mind.  I'm slowly piecing the rows but I'm not 100% sure how it's going to turn out, as I think I may have stuffed up the value. I wasn't looking at the colour value when I started, more concentrating on the use of colour.  I'm reserving my judgement until I have more of it sewn together. I'm hoping that the fabrics and colours will produce a subtle pattern on the quilt top which will be great for a masculine quilt. Rather than a dogs breakfast of random grey and aqua blocks with a few HST's thrown in for good measure. Fingers crossed. I'm using a wonderful pattern from a fabulous person but I'm not going to say who or what yet, as I don't want to give her "credit" for a really crappy quilt top that is all my fault. If, however it turns out as beautifully as the original by ________ I will be shouting about it from the rooftops.

I'm going to need another burst of colour in my sewing soon, all these neutrals are pretty but you can't beat lots and lots of vibrant colour.  That reminds me, most of my hand sewing and quilting projects have lots of colour,  and I forgot to show the finished circle from a couple of weeks ago. It's not as colourful as some of the other BOM blocks but I really really love this one. I swapped out a couple of the fabrics from Amitie and slipped in my own. I'm really starting to enjoy the process of making the templates and then hand sewing these blocks.

I also forgot to show the Grey Skies and Sunshine quilt in it's new home.
Grey Skies and Sunshine in it's new home.
I was relieved to see, the greys, taupes and browns worked perfectly in T's new home. Look at the fabulous coloured glass on the kitchen wall in the background.

Finally, a tiny bit of hand quilting has started on this.

Worked On This Week
Pure Quilt
Modern Chevrons
Charm Pack Mini Quilt

Sitting On The Sidelines
Material Obsession BOM
Amitie BOM
Paper Piecing For The Terrified

Ignoring/Possibly Given Up
Mystery Quilt

Finished - 1 and it wash't even a WIP it had been a UFO
Worked On - 2
Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Interest -  still 7
New - 1

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  1. Wow - that quilt is perfect on the lounge with the orange splashback! I like your striped binding on your quilt. And that handpieced block looks amazing!

  2. Love the amitie block and your grey skys quilt is a stunner!

  3. The mojo has returned in a fabulous manner!!!

  4. I adore your jelly roll/disappearing nine patch quilt! I'm sure it will make someone very happy. Also your other projects are great, you have been a busy bee!

  5. wooo hooo go you Marg! Everything looks great!!

  6. Grey skies and sunshine looks perfect in it's new home. I so love that quilt. Could be time for me to make another one of those for myself.

    LOVE how the jelly roll quilt turned out. That was such fun to do . Im hoping to get the borders on mine this weekend.

  7. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the jelly roll race quilt and the quilting. Your grey skies and sunshine is beautiful in its new home. Lots of quilty stuff going on around you. Yay!!

  8. I can't imagine anything you're working on not turning out gold after the pics in this post. Seriously,that Grey Skies photo could be from a magazine the colours look so good together. Yay mojo!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful tour of amazing projects. I love them all!!! I'm curious about your mystery quilt. I bet it looks awesome. I've got a little one on my design wall that I'm not sure is working, I wonder if the doubts are just part of making a quilt sometimes.. it usually comes together in the end. I love your circle!!

  10. I really love the Jelly Roll quilt back- super creative and totally reversible, both sides are beautiful!

  11. What fun it has been catching up. I love the jelly roll race idea and the coloursare really super. I have never bought a jelly roll.....too much fabric in my cupboard already!

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhh so glad I stopped by. Your pieces are fabulous! They kept getting better and better as I went down the page....fantastic color.

  13. Lots of pretty things happening up there!! Your new quilt is beautiful! I love blue and brown together! The Amitie block is fabulous! How many of those have you made now? Group shot?

  14. I love Pure fabric- so pretty! Your back looks just as awesome as the front.

  15. Wow you have been very productive, I love them all but especially the Grey Skies and Sunshine. It is perfect in the new home and I LOVE their splashback!! :-)

  16. Congrats on finishing up the UFO. It turned out beautifully. Grey Skies and Sunshine looks great in it's new home. Planning on your part or happy accident that the orange ties in the kitchen colors?

    I'm with you on being happier trimming down slightly to larget HST rather than having to remake them. Even using Thangles, its' easy for me to get HST's just a tad small if I don't cut them bigger to start.

  17. Love the "Race" backing! Clever use of an easy technique to make a two sided quilt. Your string of project photos is inspiring! Hope things turn out well with your values--I have a couple of "stuffed up" quilts that languish unloved because of that!


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