Friday, February 21, 2014

Cocktail Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...anyday

A little bit late coming to the party this week, but as I was under the weather on Wednesday night, Shay and I decided Thursday night was a good as any to enjoy a cocktail.

This week it was my pick. Moose Milk. I was introduced to this 13 years ago, I remember exactly when, because I was hooked instantly. It tasted soooooooo good. Shay was very very skeptical at first as the name didn't make her salivate and she asked me where the heck was she going to find Moose Milk in Australia. At least I think we'd have a better chance of finding that than finding some of the very strange ingredients in some of the cocktails from the good old U S of A.

There are 1001 recipes out there for this, basically it's ice cream mixed with three equal parts of any alcohol you see fit to put into it.  It's another alcoholic drink that I think works well with rum. It's strange because I didn't think I really liked rum, especially rum and coke, that's just nasty, but I've taken a liking to a few rum based drinks including this one and a Mojito.

The base recipe for this week's cocktail can be found here.  I opted to change out the Bailey's with Butterscotch Schnapps, as I don't see the point in putting a cream based drink into loads of ice-cream.  Some recipes say to add eggs, why?,  IMHO that is just plain outright weird.  

Another recipe with no quantities, so I opted for 30mls (1oz) of each and eyeballed the ice cream. Added all the ingredients into the blender together and voila a fabulous cocktail. 

This one is well and truly a 5 out of 5.   You can find Shay's take on this cocktail here.


  1. Moose's Milk!! I've never heard of these but I'm going to have to try one. We've got Butterscotch snaps that's waiting to be used. Right now Gbf is in the kitchen making our Friday night cocktails, we're having Pear Dacquiris.

  2. You picked a winner...Thursday was probably a better day for me too anyway given all the stress that was going on round here Thursday night!

  3. You should have seen the look on My Guy's face when I asked him if he was willing to try Moose Milk. He took it quite literally, until I showed him the post. This one I could probably manage if we cut back on the alcohol a bit and went heavy on the ice cream. It sounds yummy.

  4. Moose Milk was definitely a hit at my house! I really enjoyed it.


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