Monday, January 5, 2015

Travelling again.

Cape Town
BP and I are travelling together again. She has a three month summer break and this could be the last opportunity we have, travelling on an extended break, before she finishes university and goes out into the wide world. This time our first stop is Cape Town. It's our first time in South Africa, or even Africa. We have only been here a couple of days and thanks to a lack of sleep, haven't been doing bucket loads of sightseeing. 
We left Brisbane on January 1st, after being awake to see in the New Year. Not the most intelligent thing to do when you are facing 27 hours of travel. Consequently we both feel like crap on and off and fall asleep at the stupidest hours. 
You will be seeing lots of travel posts and very few sewing  related posts over the next couple of weeks. 
Flying into Cape Town

Lunch on the terrace looking at Table Mountain

We took a day tour on our first full day in Cape Town and tried to see as much as possible with the limited time we have in this beautiful part of the world. 
The brightly painted houses in the Malay quarter. 
Hout Bay
Amazing to see a penguin colony in the suburbs. 
A memorial to a Great Dane who helped soldiers in WWII
Cape Town
The canopy walk at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. 
An amazing space for outdoor summer concerts. Look at the backdrop, stunning. 
Morning fog yesterday, which cleared up during the morning to a sunny but slightly cool day. I am really really loving the lower humidity here, heaven. 


  1. First stop? Where else are you going? And it seems to me you have seen a lot for not doing much of anything. Hope the whole holiday is fab. Happy new year you! x

  2. Looking forward to seeing the upcoming stops!

  3. Loving your piccies! Enjoy your travels xx

  4. Hope, by the time you read this you are over the jetlag and out really enjoying your trip. I hear Cape Town is very beautiful and your photos are great. Enjoy yourselves and keep the photos coming!

  5. It looks like you are having a blast (except for the jet lag). My daughter just told me the other day that we MUST visit South Africa. She went last year and absolutely loved it (especially Cape Town). Enjoy the time with your "baby".

  6. What a great way to bring in the New Year! Enjoy x x

  7. Your trip so far looks awesome! For not much sight seeing you've seen some beautiful sights! I love the colourful houses in the Malay quarter. Enjoy your travels, and thank you for sharing them with us.


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