Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maputo, Mozambique

We heard A LOT of negative  information about Maputo before we arrived.  We were in two minds as to whether to go and take a look around, but after hearing so many negative comments and only one slightly positive, we decided to stay close to port.  


This is the presidential candidate who won the Mozambique election in October 2014.

Apparently it was a wise decision according to the feedback from others.


  1. I'm glad you're staying safe, and you still had plenty to see.

  2. Looks like an interesting place. Still best to play it safe.

  3. Follow your gut instinct! If it doesn't feel right....!

  4. Best to heed your intuition! Safe travels xx

  5. sounds like you didn't miss anything close to home meant you didnt have to give up any creature comforts !

  6. I think the problem with big cities like this is that they're meant to be functional rather than tourist attractions (Glasgow is rather unashamedly like that, and I'd never recommend that anyone go to Jo'burg for a visit, although it was good to live in)


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