Thursday, August 6, 2015


I didn't advertise it, but we were on a cruise at the beginning of the year, that's if you hadn't guessed already. I have decided to try and catch up on posts, primarily for my benefit as I'm terrible at keeping a diary, not much better at blogging either. So if you're interested, there will be a couple more posts until I catch up and start showing you what quilty stuff I've been working on this year. I had started working on this post while we were still on the ship but I couldn't access the draft so "cracked the shits" and gave up on trying to write any more.

So here's this one written six months ago.

 It's been great even though the weather was decidedly dodgy last week.  So bad that apparently a number of our fellow cruisers packed their bags and left when we finally made land on the weekend.

Before the bad weather, beautiful sunshine, calm seas and evenings outdoors enjoying the balmy weather.

In the picture above, we had to sail between tropical cyclone Chedza on the left, just over Madagascar and tropical cyclone Bansi on the right just west of Reunion and Mauritius.  The picture below shows how high the waves were.  Where we were the waves were at 12 feet high. Not too high you would think, but gee it was really rough.  Lots of people got sea sick. We didn't but we spent most of three days sipping on ginger ale, which seemed to help considerably.  The seas were that bad that we couldn't dock in Madagascar which was a bummer as I was so looking forward to seeing it.  We also couldn't go to Reunion as they closed the port because the sea was too rough.

Nobody out and about as the wind was at about 70kph and it was raining on and off. 
Before the weather really deteriorated we sat watching the waves in the pool get bigger and bigger. It finally had to be emptied out.

Not an experience I'd really want to repeat, but also not bad enough that I wanted to get off and go home.  We were extremely grateful though that we finally made it to Mauritius and were able to stand on something that wasn't rocking and rolling.

Port Louis ,Mauritius

Ganga Talao, a crater lake that is a pilgrimage sight for Hindus.

Black Gorges National Park

Chamarel coloured earth, Mauritius


  1. some pretty spectacular shots! I love the one of the waterfall and the fog picture, too. Sorry you had to miss Madagascar -- maybe another time?

  2. Boy bit of an experience Marg...great photos. Shame about Madagascar!

  3. Boy bit of an experience Marg...great photos. Shame about Madagascar!

  4. Great that you hung on and got to a solid destination! Travel is obviously full of challenges you must be open to!

  5. Better late than never - it's always fun to see the exotic places you go to, not that the weather on the cruise looked much fun. You could have gone surfing in that swimming pool!! Mauritius looks beautiful though. I'm looking forward to more holiday snaps.

  6. I know you had a great time on this trip , but I had no idea you got a free roller coaster ride chucked in as well. Your holiday shots are wonderful!

  7. Looks like you made the best of a rough situation. Sorry it wasn't smooth sailing the whole way. But then again, you definitely have more of an adventure to talk about afterwards.


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