Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anybody want to come and stay at Chez Sunshine?

I bet you will be glad you weren't here last night.

I went to bed but couldn't sleep and finally dozed off around midnight.  Woke up in the dark to the weirdest noise, it sounded like paper fluttering madly in a stiff breeze. I had the ceiling fan going so thought that Lulu had probably found a piece of paper which had dislodged and was now being affected by the fan. The paper fluttering noise was quickly followed by a thwack, hmm what the hell makes that noise. Still lying there in the dark listening.  What on earth are the cats are up to. Now I can hear one of the cats up on the top of my chest of drawers, knocking things over, that is unusual, the knocking things over part, one of them is always getting up there in the middle of the night to annoy me. So I turn on the light to see Lulu on top of the chest of drawers engrossed in something that I can't see. Next thing.....a freaking bat takes off from the top of my chest of drawers and starts circling the bedroom. With both cats looking longingly at it. Fortunately it was only a tiny bat about the size of a sparrow, otherwise I would have had a heart attack. What am I saying, I nearly did , who wouldn't when they find a bat in their bedroom in the middle of the night. So the sound I had heard earlier was the bat hitting the fan and then being hurled across the room into the wall above the chest of drawers. 

Finally it flew out of my room, so I threw off the sheet that I had been hiding under and jumped out of bed ran out of the room after the bat and shut the door to the bedroom so the cats couldn't follow. Then I spent the next 20 mins trying to get the bat to fly out an open door, running around the house shutting all the doors to the rooms and opening the doors out on to the verandah.  One of the cats, LULU, must have brought it in as I have no idea how it would have found it's way in otherwise. It finally found it's way out through one of the open doors. 
During the bat wrangling I spied a ginormous spider that I had tried to kill earlier in the day, lurking on the ceiling perilously close to my bedroom door.
I went back to bed and then lay there worrying whether the spider was going to come and attack me, then I remembered I have my attack cats with me so they will get it before it gets me, I hope.
This all happened at 1.30am, I finally went back to sleep at 3.45am.

Look how big this #!*^! spider is

The beams are 8 inches from top to bottom.  If you take into account his legs, I'd say he's almost as big as a saucer. (Ignore the spider web, I need to get rid of that.)
He's still on the ceiling this morning, at the highest point where I can't get to him, he's taunting me, but the minute he moves I WILL get him!!!

Sorry no pics of the bat, (what was I thinking)!!!!


  1. The picture of the spider is making me shudder! Poor you having to deal with a bat in the middle of the night, although I'd rather do that than have to deal with the spider. At least you have the cats to protect you :)

  2. So you have bats in your belfry?

    Ugh...I would have wet my pants in fear at the bat . And the spider.

    You need to whack that spider down with a broom and smoosh him to bits. Or leave him there. I have three huntsmans wandering round my place at the moment and they havent eaten me yet. They are get much much bigger though...

    So much for a decent nights sleep eh?

  3. Big wants to know if it is a poisonous spider. I dont' know why, she is scared of them whether they have poison or not! I had just convinced her to get on a plane for 3 days to visit you and Shay in Australia and now she says "NO WAY!!" You Aussies and your big stuff!

    So sorry you had to deal with bats and spiders! It is bad enough to deal with cats jumping on things in the night. Trust me, I know!

  4. Sorry to hear about your crappy nights sleep! i would have been more scared of the bat i think than the spider. We get pretty big spiders up here which i used to be petrified of but ive gotten used to them! Does your vacuum cleaner reach? Suck the bastard up!

  5. Ooooh I like the sucking want to hope it kills him though - wouldnt it be great if he lives on the dust in the bag and ends up a mega spider who jumps out of the vaccuum at you one day when you're innocently doing your housework.

    Im off to google if thats possible...

  6. I like that idea too, except for the mega spider that jumps out - bit. I thought about the vacuum but he's up too high it would involve me climbing up a ladder with the vacuum cleaner. That would probably end badly for me!

  7. At least our spiders are never as big as a saucer! I had a bat under my bed once years ago and I managed to catch it in a waste paper basket and threw the basket bat and all out of the window! Poor little thing. I like bats but not in the bedroom! Hope you manage to catch and release your spider - it is considered bad luck here to kill one.

  8. Yuck...I remember huge spiders from Texas...uhhhhhhh and scorpions in my bath tub and shower...aweful. The vacuum part doesn´t always work, cause it doesn´t necessarily kill them..unfortunately...the bat part wouldn´t scare me too much...we have a lot of bats over here and watch them in warm summer nights. But I couldn´t live with the spider...whack him down and beat him in can do it!!!

  9. aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!! A spider!!!!! AAArrrggghhhh!!!!!A really BIG spider!! AAAArrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!

  10. My goodness what a night!!!/morning!!!!!

  11. That spider is HUGE - I don't normally mind spiders but that one would have me freaking out big style. Spiders are supposed to be lucky so you must be very lucky indeed.

    Awww, bats are so cute - I'm glad the little fella made his way back outside.... eventually rofl :0)

  12. honestly, no I do not want to come visit. You are very brave - I probably would have gotten into my car and driven away until the bat left on it's own. yuck.

    A spider I can handle - and I'm with Shay - I'd grab a broom and equal the playing field (ie get it down on my level to smoosh). What I can't handle is something that looks like a flying mouse - especially as it's being hurled across the room by a fan blade.

    I hope the past few nights have been much less exciting!!


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