Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday tidbits

Some things I've missed showing over the last few weeks, due to floods, cyclones and a short trip to the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago.

Firstly, I spend quite a bit of my time on Flickr and have made friends with some wonderful people, who produce fabulous work.
Linda makes the most amazing and stunning quilt tops and sells them. I had my eye on one particular top since last year when she posted it on Flickr. I ummed and ahhed whether I should buy it and eventually I decided I couldn't pass up on owning one of Linda's beautiful quilt tops. So here it is, in all it's tropical glory with a tropical garden backdrop.

It's called "Yikes".
I absolutely love everything about this, the bright colours, the Kaffe design, it's stunning and it's even better than I thought it would be.  Now I just have to make a backing for it.

I also won this fabulous kit from  Kate from Kates-In-Stitches in a Queensland Flood Relief raffle. She runs Bella's Patchwork an online fabric store.

This week I've been working on:
 The Raw Edge Circle quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew, sewing 48 circles on to squares, then cutting them into quarters.
I'm really pleased with the way this has turned out, it's so spring/summery.

Here's the rough layout of half of it. it looks very pale in this photo,  it is much brighter and more like the colours in the photo above. 

My sewing machine is going in for a check up and service this week. It soldiered on through 42 of the circle blocks, I tried coaxing it for the final 6, but with only 4 to go, it pretty much died. Fortunately I have a trusty little back up which finished the last 4 blocks for me. 
Yay for Janome, boo for Pfaff. 
It's less than one year old, not happy!

A sneak peek of something else I've been trying this week.
I finally used some of my lovely Kaffe fabrics.
I was hoping to be able to give it as a gift but I'm not so sure now. I'll let you be the judge when I've finished it.
Sorry the colours are a bit dull in this, I took the photo this evening. 


  1. What? No tails today? I demand to see a picture of one of your fur babies!

    Love the circle quilt- the colours are perfect together.

    Congratulations on your auction win. I hummed and ha'aed about buying hunky dory and now I wish I had!

    And that quilt top looks fantastic-even though I saw it before when you were thinking about buying it
    the picture didnt do it justice. It's so much more vibrant in your picture. Gorgeous!

  2. So much loveliness in one post - and you bought one of Linda's quilt tops - what fun!!! Love the circles and the Kaffe - yum!

  3. that quilt top is fabulous....cant wait to see the kaffe!

  4. Gorgeous quilt top! So bright and lovely.

    I've given you a blog award on my blog today :-)

  5. Wow, Lindas quilt top is stunning! I do love your circle quilt Marg the colours are really pretty and i think the dresden block looks great - i really want to make a dresden quilt!

  6. What a stunning quilt top..and I do very much like the circle quilt...can´t wait to see that finished...wish I had a good quilt shop around...

  7. Stunning quilt - the colours are glorious!

    Loving the circles too :0)

  8. I'm glad you treated yourself to the quilt top - it's beautiful.

    How long will it take you to make the backing?

    I also really like the muted colors in your circle quilt - and I think the mug rug is really cool - love the fabric.

  9. My goodness, Marg. That quilt top is GORGEOUS! Love the colors. And I really love your raw-edge circles quilt! Thanks for sharing!

    xo -El


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