Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Absent with a note!

I'm sorry I have been very quiet. I took off!

I've been here.


I had to be a secret squirrel, as no one was left looking after the home front, and you know what they say about putting info out onto the internet!  I didn't want to come home to either nothing left at my place, or a family of 10 who had moved in and made themselves comfortable!

We raced around catching up with long lost friends and going to an engagement party. I took the baby quilt I made last week to give to the parents-to-be and they loved it. I think I may have gained a few orders too.

I was hoping for lovely cooler dry weather in Melbourne after spending most of summer dripping in the heat and humidity. Unfortunately this weekend was stinking hot, in the high 30's (almost 100F) but at least it was dry. I'm back to heat and humidity at home now. I can't wait for autumn.

Back to normal programming tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had fun in Melbourne!

  2. Sorry about the weather Marg! I hope we can catch up next time! I'm glad the baby quilt was well received!

  3. I want to see this alleged note of yours. Exactly who said you could gallivant around Melbourne having fun?

    Im sooooooooooo glad you're back. It has been very lonesome without you . Everyone has done a great job of keeping me amused but it's never quite the same without your particular brand of crazy....

  4. Thoight it had gone VERY quiet! Good to have you back

  5. I'm eagerly awaiting Autumn too.
    Glad to have you back.

  6. Sensible silence indeed - but next time you go you'll have to do some scheduled posts or we'll all know and you may find the majority of blogging land has leapt at the opportunity to live at Sunshine? Paradise! Themselves lol.

    Good to have you back and the baby quilt was gorgeous so was bound to be well received :-)

    Hope you're well x

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip (excepting the heat) - glad to have you back :)

  8. i never thought about that .. another thing to worry about. Well, I've got nine people living at my house so if I'm gone the house is still under our protection. Hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne.

  9. Secret Squirrel.....I love that saying, makes me laugh every time I hear it. My boys favourite word is Squirrel, they think it is hilarious. They did name our pony Squirrel and he is a real character so to us its a funny word :-)

  10. First time here.. love your blog...


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