Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

The weather not me. Ha!

Today it really was just like living in paradise. The weather was warm, a little bit of a shock as it's gone from mid 20s (75) to 32 (90) degrees practically overnight. We've been making most of the warmer weather and had all the doors and windows thrown open and the ceiling fans on to circulate the air. Lovely. Especially lovely as the heat isn't accompanied by the dreaded summer humidity. Woo hoo.
We've been out and about making most of the sunshine. The wind was from the west today and there must be some bush fires out that way as it was very hazy and smoky.

Sunday brunch along the river at Noosaville is starting to become a regular activity, it's such a nice position and a fabulous view, although it was quite smoky down there too. How lucky are we to be living in such a wonderful part of the world!

Eggs Benedict, yum!
With the warmer weather my tomato plant is producing lots of teeny tiny tomatoes, they are so sweet, but so small.

Fabrics for HST quilt.
From these to this
HST quilt top finished

I had originally planned to have 12 blocks in this quilt. I gave up after 9, I couldn't face making another three, so made the executive decision to stop at 9 to give me a good chance of finishing this quilt, or keep slogging on in which case the most likely outcome would be that it would end up in the UFO pile, that's if it didn't become a fiery art installation. The only downside to stopping at 9 - I was saving up my favourite pieces for the last three blocks, oh well, sigh.  
I've also decided against any more borders, so it's not much like my original design. It's still big enough as a lap quilt, from memory it's roughly 54 inches square. What I really like about this quilt top is that there are stars in there but because I didn't stick to a pattern with dark or light values, (I just played around with the colour placement) the stars don't really stand out. They are more a secondary part of the pattern. The only "rules" I kept were to use the off white background fabric on the star points, and to use lights in the 4 centre HST's of each block.
First block
I had quite a problem matching up some of the HST's, I'm pretty sure it was my problem and not the Go Baby. I'll save my findings for another post as I want to verify my suspicions on how to cut and not to cut the fabric with a Go Cutter. 
Regardless of the problems with it most of my points match, woo hoo, I was very excited to see that. Some don't but I'm not going to point them out and if you don't look too closely you won't see them, that's me telling you, not suggesting!!!!!  
I have a plan for the rest of the 3498572975206 HST's that I cut out and didn't use, and no, it's not throw them in the bin. After that I don't think you'll see too many HST's from me for quite some time.


  1. Marg, I love your quilt! Everything about it is awesome!! Have you got a name for it yet? We've been enjoying the perfect weather too! Your tomatoes look delicious!

  2. Enjoyed seeing ALL of your pics today. I am having thoughts about a Baby Go but still unsure - maybe you could do a review post?

  3. Yes , we are enjoying the weather too.... and isn't "brunch" a fantastic meal/ So civilised !!!!
    The quilt looks great and I think it is fine that size. I'm having my first experience of HST and QST after vowing that I would never do it.Once will probably be enough but it is a learning project for me. All your points look fantastic to me. I'm involved in a fair bit of unpicking!

  4. Arrgh - I had to turn the heating on last night so thanks for bragging about the weather - even if that was too hot for me.
    I love this quilt - I loved the first block you showed and think it works really well. All the stars that come into focus when you look. Your point worked a lot better than mine when I did a HST quilt. Well done.

  5. First of all - I LOVE THAT QUILT! And I believe you should do three more blocks!!
    Than - enjoy the wheather. We have not had a real summer here. Either it was cold and rainy or extremly warm and tropical humidity (90%) - just aweful. And now we are having about 15° C and rain most of the time. Very much into fall and it´s only September....very depressing :-(

  6. Great quilt Marg! What about "Secret Stars" for a name? Melbourne's weather was perfect today too! Even better tomorrow! (Yeah, I know you don't believe it!)

  7. I really do love that quilt even though I know the angst it caused you. It was worth all the blood , sweat and tears.

    The weather here has been spectacular today as well.

    Stop teasing us with your delicious breakfasts. Not fair!

  8. Your points look pretty bloody perfect from where im sitting! The whole quilt looks fantastic! Enjoy your sunshine and those yummy tomatoes!

  9. I love this quilt! The blocks are each so lovely and together they look cohesive yet there is no repeating pattern. I love that! Oh and your picnic spot looks great!

  10. I love this quilt! Oh how I wish I could take that first step! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs!

  11. I love the quilt .. it's been fun watching it come together. Sorry about any angst ..

    Your brunch pictures are lovely. the haze makes for some great pics.

    Weather here is great too! (74 / 23) really nice, sunny, no humidity.

  12. I am not overly keen on the approaching hot weather. Love that quilt top though.

  13. LOVE your Hometown quilt! I'm itching to get back to the sewing machine but I have no idea where to start.

  14. Love this quilt! I love HSTs and Hometown so can't help but adore the quilt :)

  15. I really like your quilt - the subtle colors and the HST as well. And a square quilt is always beutiful so 9 is better than 12 :)

  16. Eating Eggs Bendadict in the sunshine is a fabulous way to start the day!

  17. i think this is a great quilt top. hometown is a great line!


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