Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've still lost my sewing mojo.  I'm finding time to do anything, even cleaning,  rather than working on one of my projects.
I did have a burst of creativity on the weekend and started and finished seven 6 inch blocks for the Mystery Quilt QAL.
Seven Friendship stars

Seven friendship stars

Instead of paper piecing them, I made friendship stars. I'm really happy with how these turned out.

I also worked a little more on the EPP Starflowers. I've cut out some more fabric for flowers and sewed some more connecting diamonds. No photos this week as they don't look much different to last week or the week before.

I finally started cutting out the pieces for the Material Obsession BOM block. I started hyperventilating (again) when I received an email from Material Obsession to let me know that the next block was being sent out soon.  I haven't made much progress but at least I've started it.
These fabrics are slowly transforming into

I think I was temporarily insane when I signed up to both the Amitie Circle Game BOM and the Material Obsession BOM.

The only progress with McFlurry - I ordered some Kona red for the backing. I was trying to get by without having to buy any more fabric, but after seeing what Kate designed here, I still didn't have enough backing fabric but I loved her design so much I had to have some red so I could make it. I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can start.

I have to show you the view from the verandah now that spring is well and truly here.
From the Verandah
See the lorikeet in the middle.

From the Verandah

The verandah is at tree height so we look straight on to these trees, you can almost reach out and touch the birds.

Now for the weekly stats.

Worked On This Week
Mystery Quilt - 7 more blocks, still one more needed to catch up.
Material Obsession BOM
English Paper Piecing - cut out fabric for 3 more flowers and sewed some diamonds to flowers.

Sitting On The Sidelines
Floral Bouquet Quilt top
HST project
Plume quilt - back from Fiona (long arm quilter) needs binding

Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Interest
Circle Game BOM
Hexagon Cushion

I've decided to retire these and put them in the UFO pile as I haven't touched them in months, maybe one day I'll surprise myself and find the time to finish them. It also makes my stats look better, he he he.
Jacobean Flower
Jacobean Flower

Don't Look Now pillow

Weeks Statistics
New Projects - 1
Worked On - 3
Ignoring - 6
Finished - 0

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. I think you have done not bad for losing your the wee friendship stars!
    Also love the bird pics - magic that you can see colourful birds like this in your garden.

  2. Oh I love your stars, that you just whipped up. All your other projects are lookin good.

  3. Love the friendship stars! I agree ... for someone who's lost their mojo you're not doing too badly Marg! What is the MOBOM? I will have to go and investigate. Love the backing idea for the Flurry - Awesome!


  4. beautiful work - and had a look at your flickr finishes - just gorgeous - hope you get your mojo back soon (impressed already with what you accomplished without it!)

  5. oh I love that big present backing. I couldn't have resisted it either. Good luck finding your mojo. I've heard it responds well to Tim Tams and mojitos.

  6. I'm busting to see how your mystery quilt comes together!! I love mc flurry quilt, I'm trying so hard to resist that one because I don't need more projects but gosh it's a great quilt! I love your plan for the back!! Nice bit of BOMming around too!!

  7. You have done way more than me with a slack mojo, maybe I should try it ;-) Love the McFlurry it really eye catching. Looking forward to seeing the back. I bet those lovely little rainbow fellows are not your best friend at break of day!

  8. Your "not doing any sewing " puts me to shame!
    Love the birds. So great to be at eye level with them. Lucky you!

  9. Sometimes you brain just needs a creative break, I think. Or it could be overload. You've got a LOT of beautiful projects going on. :-)

    Ooh your bottlebrush is so pretty. Got to to love the view you have outside your verandah.

  10. Can I touch those birds when I come to stay? he he

    I love the stars .Were they easy to do?

    Im not commenting on McFlurry ..mine is still in bits..

  11. You certainly don't LOOK like you've lost your mojo! Everything's lovely - the friendship stars are great. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  12. My sewing mojo is MIA too! I might try Kirtsy's remedy! I love the fabrics of the Material Obsession BOM- look forward to seeing that one in more detail!

  13. I love friendship stars, and I adore that bird!! So colorful!!!!

  14. I love those friendship stars! I want some too! And I love all your other work, I am still waiting for my first block from Amitie but I am sure that it will arrive soon. So nice you have spring and beautiful birds, we are just entering into fall.

  15. I love the star blocks! And the bird photos are amazing! So much more exotic than the wrens and chaffinches we get around these parts!


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