Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's been two weeks since my last WIP post, and frankly it's almost not even worth posting about my craftiness since then.
I have mastered the art of procrastination and I think I should be in line for a gold medal for being able to waste every spare minute of my time.

I have at least pieced the backing for Tiggly Winks and it's all basted ready to quilt.

I made some binding and I'm now in the process of hand sewing it to the back.
 4 inches done! Only roughly 350+ inches to go
Check back with me some time next year, it should be finished by then! If I'm lucky,'s taking forever.

Everything else hasn't been touched.

Worked On This Week
Plume quilt - Binding
Tiggly Winks - backing and basting

Sitting On The Sidelines
Mystery Quilt
Material Obsession BOM
Floral Bouquet Quilt Top
HST project
McFlurry - the fabric for the backing arrived, but I haven't touched it!
Starflowers - English paper piecing

Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Interest
Circle Game BOM
Hexagon Cushion

Weeks Statistics
New Projects  - 0
Worked On - 2
Ignoring -7
Finished - 0

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. I think you might only get a silver medal as the gold would go to me! If you can expect to finish a quilt by next year as well as working on all those other things then I'm sorry but you are not gold medal standard!! Seriously though I think procrastination is something we are all good at.

  2. Don't beat yourself up Marg! Remember, it's not a race (gold medals aside!) and things will be finished when they are finished! Enjoy the journey, not just the destination!

  3. I am seriously brilliant at squandering time...don't think you are the only one.

  4. Well, you've basted a quilt! That's always a bit of a stumbling block for me. Sometimes a quilt sits there for years! before I can get the energy to do it. Love your binding!

  5. I really like that paisley fabric on the quilt. It's gorgeous!

  6. I blame the internet - it keeps gobbling up my time. Don't worry, you'll get to it eventually. I agree with Suz - the journey has to be enjoyable!

  7. You are just having a creative recharge....just go with it. You'll be motoring a long again in no time. Those little peeks look very nice I must say.

  8. You sound like me at the moment, let's just blame the weather!!

  9. Deadlines are for crazy people. Take it easy and it'll all get done eventually. You made binding and basted a quilt. That's good enough.

    Progress is being made so stop arse kicking yourself my friend.

  10. I agree to not beat yourself up! You'll get your works in progress done! And what you have done looks terrific!

  11. Love the colours of that quilt Marg. I think you actually get through such a lot of work on your projects. It amazes me just how much you do achieve.

  12. I had a giggle at Shays comment - is she making some sort of admission there? I agree with Shirley I think you get heaps done! The Plume quilt is gorgeous - the colours are divine!

  13. I love what you are doing...have will get better and I am looking forward to seeing your tiggly winks quilt.

  14. I think we can all relate :-) I cut out some material for a quilt some months ago and that is as far as I have got! One day it will get done, its not going anywhere!

  15. You seem to get heaps done, Marg. I am loving the way the binding strips look on the back of the quilt. Your fabric choices are so gorgeous.

  16. Keep on trucking Marg, you can't run at full steam all of the time and you look like you're doing pretty good to me x


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