Saturday, September 24, 2011

My First Time

I have resisted swaps for so long. I have an inbuilt fear of them. I worry about every single part of the whole process. What to make, what design to choose, which colours. Will my partner like it, will it be good enough, and on and on and on. Even if I finally decide to make something and it looks great and I'm happy with it, the next hurdle is even bigger for me. What to add as extras. Sometimes I think there are swappers out there who would like it to be an Olympic sport, they want to be the one who wins the gold medal and a whole heap of gold stars for adding the most number of and, the best extras.
It just does my head in.
When a new swap opens up I think it would be great to join, then I start worrying about what "extras" I have to come up with to add to the mug rug, the mini quilt etc. Why can't swaps just be about the mug rug, or the pin cushion, or the mini quilt and maybe one little thing extra if you want?

Well finally I've found a swap to join where there are rules, yay, and the rules are very specific about what you can and can't send. Double yay!!!!!
So I'm joining my first swap and I feel fine.
Very fine in fact.
I have no idea what I'm going to come up with but I'll be following those rules!!!!!

I've signed up to a little swap called Scrappy Swap run by Kat over at Diary of a Flutter. Kat.
It's nice and simple.
I already have my inspiration mosaic and I had fun making this. Trying to find photos that show what I like without being too confusing. I hope I've succeeded.

Sorry I didn't save the mosaic to download, so you'll have to click on the caption/photo to take you back to Flickr to see all the links.

I hope I'm not writing a post in about three weeks time, whining that I can't think of what to make for the swap!!!!


  1. I totally get what you mean about trying to come up with clever "goodies" to add!

    Glad to hear this one has some guidelines. Have fun!

  2. That is the same reasons why I don't join in swaps either.

  3. I'm with you, I am too afraid to join a swap for the same reason, so I just watch and wish I had the courage to join. Good on you!! May be one day I will join in.

  4. Good post! I have just finished a couple of mug rugs for a swap and felt a bit anxious, not at first, but when others started posting their stuff....then I just gave myself a talking to - it is brilliant when you receive nice things tho. My first swap had probs cos I got a silent, ungrateful partner, so rules are good, off to have a look at htis one now...........

  5. Still a swap virgin too, don't want to disappoint anyone! Good on you for taking the plunge, I have no doubt you'll have fun.

  6. Snap. And snap again ...I joined this swap because it had clear boundaries which means I dont need to spend all my time stressing out about how much of the extras I should send.

    I wonder how many people feel like this and don't join swaps because of it.

  7. What are you swapping? I had a quick flick around but couldn't find what the swap is? I know, it's probably right in front of me... Ive stopped swaps because the 2 people I've made doll quilts for I've never heard from again, after they thankied me. And they were both quilts I put a lot of effort into so I've decided I'd rather make things for my friends. It is fun though, and challenges you to do your best.

  8. Swaps can be a letdown, can't they! I'm with Rachael- silent, ungrateful partners put me off too! I'll keep my fingers crossed that this one is a happy experience for you!

  9. OOps..lost my comment

    Have fun Marg

    I am with everyone here too many turnoffs have kept me from joining swaps....wish they had one with 'rules' for embroiderers.

  10. Hey Swap virgin i love your mosaic! You will be fine Marg - sounds like a good swap. Ive just signed up for a swap and the rules are you dont send any extras which is fine by me.I think if you put all your effort into making something you love is all that you need to do. Ive participated in two swaps and have really enjoyed both of them. Have fun!

  11. Kats swap looks like it will be a lot of fun and I liked that she had good clear rules as well.
    I have done a few swaps and have to admit that most of the time I have been disappointed :-( I have been very happy with my contributions but we are all so different with such different tastes. The most disheartening thing is when you don't hear a word from your swap partner as to whether they got your swap or not and receive nothing from them in return for your hard work :-(
    The mosaic idea is great to give everyone an idea of what you like! I will be a voyeur for this swap. I am sure you will be fine with this one :-)

  12. I've done a half a dozen swaps and a few round robins. Enjoyed all but one ~ a round robin where two people dropped out and kept the quilts. That is unusual. Never had a problem with a block swap.

  13. Glad you liked the "rules" Marg ;)
    I can't wait until we get started, it looks like a good group of swappers. Off to email Rachael now - she likes a good scrap LOL...


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