Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Wish ( better late than never)

These are photos of my dam (pond) taken last week, looking very sad, the water has dried up so much that the water lilies are dying around the edge. I have lived here for almost 11 years and it has never been this low.

Well yesterday, we received our Christmas wish.  everyone here has been wishing for rain, and from Christmas Day it has been raining, not much but just enough to green the grass and stop the plants from dying.  Yesterday it was very humid and hot all day and at about 3.30pm it started to rain, and rain, and it just kept raining.  By midnight we had 140mm (5 1/2 inches). I am amazed that it didn't cause any damage.  I think we were lucky that we had some rain before so that the ground wasn't completely bone dry.  Most of that rain has soaked into the ground that had been pretty much dry for 7 months. My dam (pond) is full again, now the water lilies need to grow a bit to come back to the surface, but all is back to normal today.

Now this is what it looks like.

Not quite as pretty, the water is muddy and the water lilies are submerged, but it sure looks a whole lot better than a little sad puddle.  And look how much greener the grass has become.

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