Sunday, January 10, 2010

My babies.

These are my babies.

Excuse the crappy photo, but it is the only one I have, where all 3 are in them same place at the same time. Just ignore the mooshed up seat cushion, and the barbecue cover and bamboo candle holder lying on the deck.
The boys are on the comfortable seat, and my girl, well can you see her? Yes she would prefer not to hang out with the boys, so she has found her own spot to chill out, in amongst the mess.  Karma, the Lhasa Apso is nearly 9yrs old now. He is a cutey, and is great at warning us if someone is here, although he just keeps on barking and barking at them once they are in the house, argh. The cats are from the RSPCA and my boy, Bailey, has become one of the most expensive pets I have ever had.  He has had medical issues right from the beginning and molts like crazy, but you just have to love him,  he is a real character.  He has just spent two nights at the vet hospital recovering from his latest drama.  My girl Lulu, is the most intelligent, sweet/naughty cat you have ever met.  She knows how to suck you in. She is tiny but has worked out how to jump up and open my bedroom door.  Nobody has ever actually seen her do it yet, but when I am lying in bed I hear every attempt she makes until she opens it.  It sounds like she is throwing herself at the door at door handle height and then sliding down to the floor. Unfortunately it takes her a number of attempts before she actually opens it.  Very funny except when it is 2am and you are trying to sleep.

And this is my boy having a drink after Halloween.

He is after the water from the melted ice, not the beer!!!  Well at least I hope that is what he is up to.

He doesn't seem too worried by the blow up skeleton leaning down to get a closer look at him. Just happy chilling, that's my boy.

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