Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not what they seem

Don't these look beautiful. I found them in Paris and just had to bring them home with me.  They are the most beautiful shiny olives, except they are not olives they are exquisite chocolates.  Lovely dark chocolate disguised as plump olives. La Cure Gourmande "Olives au Chocolat" you will find photos of the store here. It looks like a film set.

As I am fairly new to blogging, I am going to try posting about my holidays last year, now.  I didn't realize six months ago what a wonderful invention this is. Now I can keep a wonderful reminder and journal of holidays and even daily things that happen in my life.  I have never been one for journalling.  I am not disciplined enough to be constant.  I started a journal on my last holiday and at the beginning I would even stay up late at night, using up precious minutes of sleep time to keep up to date with my journal, in case I forgot anything later.  By the last half of the holiday, I was struggling to remember and then having to write 2 or 3 days at once.  My memory is bad at the best of times, but when trying to remember a jam packed day of sightseeing let alone which city I had been in 2 days before, the journalling became a bit hit and miss.  It will be interesting to see whether I will be more likely to post "stuff" on here, although so far so good.


  1. Heyyy have you been hiding these???

  2. Ummmmmm.....yes.......guess where they are now!!!!!!!!!


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