Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Travelling solo, well sort of!

I was very lucky in 2009, I was able to travel to Europe for almost four weeks.  I had been trying to go to Europe for years, but every time I had sort of organized my trip, after reading travel brochures, internet sites etc, and spending hours and hours working out what I wanted to see and do something would always happen to cause me to cancel the trip. Not that I am bitter and twisted but it usually involved a certain "ex" changing his plans for looking after my "mini me". (A side note here, when my angel is lovely, she is referred to as "mini me" and when she is not an angel she is referred to as "bitchypoo".)

Anyway, back to Europe. So last year, I hatched a cunning plan, with loads of back up in case the "ex" decided to try to put a spanner in the works. I had all my friends lined up to be able to look after "mini me" and had emergency back up, if needed.  He still tried to unravel my plans by accidentally not checking the dates and booked and paid for flights for her for only one week instead of two, aargh, however, thanks to my failsafe planning, my back up came through.  So off to Europe I went.

I travelled by myself, I was and still am, very proud of myself for having the courage to do that.  Unfortunately none of my friends could either have the time off or afford to go when I had the chance, so it was either go alone or cancel once again, and hope that just maybe, next year I could go. I am quite the shy and reserved type and don't really like going outside my lovely and soft comfort zone, so this was going to be quite a difficult time for me.  I was all bravado when I first booked my trip, but then as the time came closer and closer, I started getting very very scared.  A few days before I went I was seriously contemplating pulling out of the trip and forfeiting my flights and trip. I thought what the heck am I doing, going to Europe by myself, even though I would be on an organized tour.   Right up until the day I went I was pretty sure I was NOT going to go, and then to top it off, the day I left I suddenly had massive pangs of guilt for leaving my "baby" to fend for herself. I felt terrible. Unfortunately to make myself feel better for "leaving" her I promised her the earth.  Sheer stupidity in hindsight,but it instantly stopped her from laying the guilt trip on me and made me feel soo much better. (Until I had to start paying for all the things I had promised to bring her back.).... including Louis Vuitton and not a "copy"!!!! Unfortunately my darling is savvy and knows a "copy" when she sees one, so as much as I was tempted to get one of those in Turkey, my insanity prevailed and I forked out a fortune for a real one.  I pity her future partner!!!!!!!!!!

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