Monday, July 12, 2010

It's not all smooth sailing at Chez Sunshine

(The trials and tribulations of quilt making)

You might remember these blocks that I showed you last week. I have been working on them on and off during the week.

They became disappearing 9 patch blocks. After cutting them all up I needed to place them to see how they were going to look, and make sure I didn't have repeats of fabric too close to each other.  ( I  am obsessive when it comes to that.) 
A design wall was needed.  My house might be lovely but I don't have much wall space.
 Attempt 1: The biggest wall and the one with the best aspect is in the hallway, off the open plan living area. Only problem, there is a very large, heavy mirror hanging on that wall.  I thought I would try it anyway and taped a cheap plastic tablecloth, with reverse, fluffy side out, over the mirror. Most of the blocks stuck to the surface as you can see from the above photo. ( For you eagle eyes out there, don't worry about the block in the middle of the bottom row, it was changed later, I didn't sew them like that.) A couple of blocks fell off and I put them back on again. Walked away to have a break and came back to find this.
Attempt 2: I figured that it wasn't working because the mirror was affecting the way it hung, so off to the wall outside the bathroom and toilet, not my idea of an ideal place for my quilt blocks to hang, but the only piece of wall in the whole house that is big enough and doesn't have a large piece of furniture against it. Guess what,  half an hour later, this

Attempt 3:  Back to the old, lay them out on the floor, and cross my fingers the cat's stay away.

Guess what?

I give up.


  1. I know how you feel! I normally use a spare bed but today I've been using the floor in the dining room (also my sewing room). The bed is upstairs so it means lots of walks up and down stairs sewing the blocks together and I was feeling lazy today!

  2. Marg, I think your cats were pulling the quilt off the wall so they could lay on it! The quilt looks beautiful on or off the wall!

  3. LOL! (In sympathy!) I'm glad you took a picture of the quilt before it fell off the wall. I REALLY, REALLY like it. Such subtle colors; it's very calming and cozy.

    As for the cat...well, they have a 6th sense about quilts you know. ;-)


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