Monday, July 5, 2010

A very brown week

This is what I have been up to in the last few days.

The beginning of a new quilt.

I love the combination of brown and blue. I used to love brown and blue together way back in the dark ages when I was in year 6.  Pure by Sweetwater is gorgeous and I hope I do it justice.  I should get a bit further into this in the next few days.

Some more photos of my crochet progress.

I finished the shawl.  I love the colours but now I am not so sure I like the finished product.  In some lights it looks very vibrant and in others it looks quite subdued.  I was a teensy bit p***ed off with the Noro yarn, as it is very expensive and one ball had two breaks in it, (one not even tied together, the other in a small knot).  Another ball had one break in it.  I used 4 balls to complete it.  Paying over $14 per ball, I would expect better quality control. 

Look how my skin is unwrinkled and unweathered and looks like a 17 yr olds, ha ha. Now look at the two photos, and look at the difference in the colours, they were taken minutes apart in exactly the same place and there is a distinct difference.

Still haven't touched the snowball blocks.!!!!!!!!


  1. Yes there is a difference in the two photos, but maybe this is a good thing as it is a natural yarn and so shimmers in different light? I know nothing about sewing or wools to be honest, but had to comment that I love the colour combination (especially as shown in the first photo). They really go together beautifully.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous! I kind of like how it changes depending on the light.

    Your new quilt looks yummy. :-)

  3. I think the shawl is wonderful. I think the way the colors change looks really nice - it seems that it would be versatile.

    The blue and brown colors are lovely. I used to be a big lover of blue and then got tired of it. That is beginning to change!

  4. I love that crochet pattern, looks Fab!! I too would have been pissed off by the breaks in the yarn as yes the Noro wool is very expensive. Why don't you send them an email about it...I would!

    Love the brown and blue as well...the quilt will be a stunner as usual :-)

  5. Two shawls for the price of one and you're complaining? (Actually I'd be a bit peeved about that broken yarn too - perhaps complain to them ?)

    I like the quilt youre putting together too. How are you going to quilt it ?


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