Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Both my cats are indoors cats, to keep them safe from various dangers outside, like ticks, pythons,  and occasional dingoes. Also to keep the native wildlife safe from killer Lulu, who loves to chomp on any unsuspecting native mice, lizards, birds, small marsupials etc.

I'm sure she would love to have a nice juicy bush turkey, these are not the best photos as they were moving quite fast and I was having trouble getting a good shot of them. They have bright red heads and yellow wattles around the neck. They are a native bird, and can even be found wandering down Hastings St at Noosa Heads, dodging the tourists and traffic.  They build large mounds, where they bury the eggs to incubate them.  Unfortunately if they become resident in or near your garden, your mulch is usually "borrowed" to make their nests.

We also have a family of kookaburras who live in the neighbourhood. Sorry not another great photo, but if you click on it to "embiggen" you might see them a bit better.

Bailey still gets his fix of greens though, he loves chomping on my lemon grass.

Lulu doesn't eat greens, but she likes green!

I have been working away on these during the week.
I have to make 30 in total, and I am up to number 19.

Tonight we had a fabulous sunset.


  1. Rabid turkeys, plant eating cats ...what next. But your sunset is truly magical.

    You're flying through those crochet squares and they look delicious.

  2. Wow, the sunset is stunning.

    When I read about the kookaburra - I thought about a song we would sing when I was little. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree... I don't remember any more than that. Are they in a gum tree?

    Love the crochet - what are you making?

  3. So many pretty things going on at your house Marg--wildlife, cats, sunsets, and crocheted lovelies. This looks like it's going to be an afghan in similar colors to that quilt top you've been working on?

  4. Love kookaburras but not stupid bush turkeys, they make such a mess! Good on you for keeping your cats inside though. Safeguarding both them and the wildlife.
    Now the crochet- wow I love the colours and the pattern and at the rate you are going I guess it won't be long before we see the final product.


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