Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Monday was a beautiful day in paradise. This is why I live here, look at that weather and it is the middle of winter!
Yesterday Renata and I went for an energetic walk along Noosa River. The photos were taken on my phone and it was so sunny it was difficult to see the screen, so these are the result.

Me - finally a photo, and not a good one! Now you know why I had to use another ball of yarn in the shawl!!!!

Renata - not a good one of Renata either.

Noosa River

And now for the pet photos.

Coming home this afternoon to be greeted by this.

Lulu hanging off the screen door.  


  1. hehe looks like tweedledum and dee at it again!

  2. Looks like you are having nice weather up there too.
    Love the new patchwork. The colours are very pretty.

  3. I think you look beautiful! The area that you are walking in looks wonderful. We have a small river walk, it is not as nice as your area, but it is a good place to take a walk. When The Baby goes back to school, I will begin to walk there again - I am currently without a car.

    Your cat photo made me crack up! What in the world is he after? Does he/she like to just hang there?

  4. Lovely photos all! You and Renata both look healthy and happy. Everyone should be so lucky. :-)

    As for Lulu, she's a caution, isn't she? ;-)

  5. Lovely to see your Marg!
    hugs suex


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