Friday, March 16, 2012

Good return - A new way of giving

Please take a few mins of your time to read. Have you heard of microfinancing as a way of helping people in poverty?

I first found out about this organisation through Anorina at Samelia's Mum. It's an Australian based organisation, but I am sure there will be similar organisations in the USA and UK.

Good Return is a non-profit organisation and is asking Australians to support poor women in the Asia Pacific region, who need small loans to start or build a business. This will help lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
These loans can be as small as $25 but can make a huge difference.

Good Return offers a simple but effective way to get involved in ending poverty in our region. It enables you to lend or donate a sum of money of your choice to one or more specific people in countries around the Asia Pacific region.

Here's how it works:

You can make a loan of as little as $25 and choose who you lend it to. Your funds will only go to them and you will receive reports on their progress. When the loan is repaid, you as a lender can choose to get your money back or can re-lend again and again, helping even more women out of poverty.

You can join with friends or colleagues to make a loan, each contribute $10 or $20 and choose a woman to loan to at

If you have your own business, try looking for a woman who needs a loan for a similar purpose.

Why not inspire your daughter, or your niece to appreciate the opportunities they have by giving them a Good Return gift certificate so they can choose a woman to loan to. When it's repaid they can keep the money, or loan it again, helping even more people.

As it is a loan it is not tax deductible. You can choose to donate instead, and this is tax deductible for Australian Residents.

Good Return enables sustainable economic and business development in disadvantaged regions, in Nepal, East Timor, Tonga and the Philippines by providing microfinace, financial and functional literacy and livelihood programs.

I love the idea of this as I can lend money and be anonymous if I wish. It can be a one off loan of as little as $25 and it will make a difference to someone's life. I like that it is not an on going monthly donation that I sign up to for years.  I can choose to add a new donation to someone else if I want, but I don't have to.  The loans are short term loans usually up to a term of 12 months, however there are shorter and longer terms.

I have put my money where my mouth is and so far, partially funded two women, one in Tonga and the other in Nepal.
I chose the woman in Tonga as she wanted to start a craft business making tapa cloth. She needed a loan to be able to buy more raw materials so she could expand and therefore earn more income.
The second woman, who lives in Nepal, wanted a loan so that she could raise goats to fatten and sell. The income she will earn from the sale will enable her to purchase new stock.
Both women are now fully funded and are hopefully on their way to making a difference to their and their families lives.

If you are interested, please take your time to read all the information you can, to decide whether this is an idea and an organisation that you are comfortable with. Do your research, and then go ahead and help make a difference.


  1. Thanks Marg. I've heard of micro loans and this is a great way to become involved.

  2. Thanks for posting this Marg!!
    It's a wonderful way to help women, who are less fortunate than we are.

  3. Hi Marg, thanks so much for writing about Good Return! We really appreciate the support from bloggers like you. All the best in your blogging and crafting adventures!


  4. There's an organization called Kiva that I've made a few loans through. I need to add some money. It's cool because as the loans get paid back you can re-loan. I should give this as gifts to others, rather than spending money on stuff they don't really care about.

  5. What a wonderful idea Marg. Makes you realise how little it takes to change some one else's life.

  6. Good for you Marg! What a great idea! I think giving gift certificates to friends is a great idea- especially those who don't need more 'stuff'!

  7. I love this idea...I went and looked at the website when we spoke about it earlier this week and now Im even more determined to do something about it !

  8. That is wonderful! Good on you for helping out, I bet the money will go to good use, as there can never be enough crafty things going on, or enough fat goats!

  9. Great idea Marg, the whole 'teach a (wo)man to fish' rather than just giving fish - good stuff.

  10. This is awesome, Marg! Thanks for telling us about it!


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