Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I haven't had a chance to link up with WIP Wednesday for a couple of weeks.
This week I've been hand sewing as my sewing room has been out of action for almost 10 days.  See my previous post.
Before I had to surrender my sewing room, I played some more with the A Stitch In Color charm squares.
The centre was made using Elizabeth's stamp collection tutorial, the rest developed with improv piecing.
I thought it needed a little something to cover up the wonky but not wonky enough points on the triangles, so these will be added, along with some hand quilting.

I was hoping to baste it and start hand quilting but unfortunately all my stash was under drop sheets and surrounded by furniture etc so I couldn't access it to find a suitable backing. Hopefully I'll be able to start on that this week.

I finally finished another Circle Game block!
Circle Game Block
After ignoring them for months because I thought they were difficult, I really enjoyed putting this one together. Straight seams...easy. I've already cut out the pieces for the next one.

A little more progress on the starflowers.  I'm kind of falling out of love with these and  not sure whether I will keep interested long enough to make a full quilt with them. I like making the starflowers but loathe sewing it all together. Here's hoping I will hang in there long enough to make it big enough for a lap size quilt. So far it measures approx 24" x 35" It does look better in real life, I think it looks very busy in this photo.
I'm not sure whether I should/could make this a centre panel and put a wide border around the outside. Any suggestions? The original idea was for no borders.

Worked On This Week
Amitie - Circle Game BOM

Sitting On The Sidelines
Material Obsession BOM
Paper Piecing For The Terrified - no sewing machine
Charm Pack Squares

Ignoring/Possibly Given Up
Mystery Quilt

Finished - 0
Worked On - 2
Waiting Patiently For Me To Show Interest - 5
New - 0

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  1. I love your stitch in color piece and the yo-yos just make it. I really like you stars too!

  2. The starflower blocks are gorgeous, maybe you need a little break from them :)

  3. Your star flowers are amazing.

  4. Star block flowers are great.
    love the strong colors you are using in the first quilt.

  5. I love that colourful panel, it looks brill and the fabric is great.

  6. All of these are very pretty! Nice stars!

  7. Go for the borders then you are that much closer to finishing!

  8. I love the star flowers! Maybe a border of the background spot then some triangles to echo the star points? In a variety of colours? Whatever you decide, it is very pretty!!

  9. Wow... you have a lot of patience for your quilting, those star points are lovely.

  10. Hope the makeover is progressing well! Love the circle game block....clever thing! The starflowers look great but they are tedious to stitch together...a medallion style centre would look good or a runner a...see how you feel!

  11. The Circle Game block looks pretty darn awesome.

    Why dont you make the Starflowers into a table runner?

    Is it killing you not being able to get to the sewing machine?

  12. The postage stamps look beautiful! It's hard to be without a sewing machine when you want one. I just barely got mine back, so I feel your pain on that one. Hope the makeover is going well. :)

  13. ooh - fabulous wips - i'd make a border for your flowers if you're fed up with them - maybe a narrow plain border to seperate the middle from the borders, possibly in the grey you've used as the 'background' then a wider border incorporating the flower shapes - perhaps that diamond shape - then a wider 'plain' border again to finish it off - make sense???

  14. such beautiful projects .. I love the bright colors of the stitch in time charm squares.

  15. The stars are looking great but you have a while to go to a lap quilt, not sure you'll make it if you're tired of them already? I really like Shay's idea of a table runner. A bit of a border with your dark diamond fabric, maybe bind it in that too if you like the 'wet edge pool' look, as I call it (binding blends into the quilt) and you're set.
    The stamp collection/improve piece is fantastic - it looks like summer at the beach. I don't think you need yo-yos; your points are fine, who cares if they are a bit wonky (which honestly I didn't even notice in the first pic!) Whatever you decide it's going to be fab!

  16. I love that little stamp collection quilt, I have some more of those fabrics to use too. The star flowers are wonderful. I wish you lived closer, I find the basting part of EPP makes me crazy, but I am fine with the sewing together part, I could come over and help. Whatever you make with them will be stunning.

  17. Love your starflowers - especially the dark grey background fabric. I think the flowers would look great floating on a background/wide border of that same dark grey with a pop of color for binding.

  18. The starflowers are beautiful. I think a border of the same dark gray with a slightly wider colored border and binding with the dark gray would be cute. All of your projects are gorgeous, I love all the bright colors you are using.

  19. REally cute improv/postage stamp. Love the minis to cover the bits you don't like.

    Starflowers are gorgeous--Hope you keep up with the sashing as you go so it's not such a daunting task to do all at the end....

    Pretty circles!


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