Saturday, March 24, 2012


This week hasn't been the funnest week.  We've had the weather from hell. Well that's assuming that the weather in hell when it isn't hot, is grey and very very humid and has buckets and buckets of water raining down on you incessantly. So much so that everything starts smelling suspect, mouldy and damp. Not pleasant. To top off this lovely weather I've had painters in to paint part of the outside of the house and the bedrooms so that it will be all nice and lovely when I put the house on the market to sell. Because the weather has been so bad, it's taken twice as long as it should have so far.

This is my sewing room and it will be like this until probably Wednesday, hopefully no longer than that.
My sewing table and sewing machine are somewhere under there. It's lucky that I enjoy hand sewing and have a number of projects I can work on while my sewing room is out of action.

This is Bithcypoo's room.  Fortunately she is in Brisbane, she doesn't need to sleep in her bed.
My bedroom was tackled first, it's not finished but I can sleep in my bed and have access to my chest of drawers.

This is was my dining table, now it's a makeshift cutting table. It's also covered in lots of other stuff as well, so I can only work in one corner.
I'd show you photos of the rest of the house but it's too embarrassing, there's piles of stuff everywhere. If I showed photos, The Hoarders would be on to me and want me to star in a new show!
I started working on the next block of the Circle Game BOM and remembered to get everything out of the room that was needed for the week.  Except for this.
See that tiny metal circle with the hole in it. I use that to add a quarter inch seam to the templates curved edges when I'm tracing onto the fabric. When I started to trace the templates I remembered after I used it last time I'd put it back in the drawer of the table my sewing machine sits on. Arrrgggghhhhhh.

Fortunately, I found the table, and the drawer was accessible under all the drop sheets, phew. Crisis averted.

Circle Game Block

So I had a nice time cutting out and sewing together this block, which I finished last night. I'm really enjoying making these now. I've already started cutting out, the next block this morning. I'm swapping out an occasional scrap from the BOM and adding the odd scrap from my stash here and there in these blocks.

The starflowers have come out of hiding too, and I work on them when I need a break from concentrating hard on which bit to add where.


  1. I feel your pain. When we painted our house, it was all work and no play. Fortunately, you have someone helping with the painting .. of course dry weather would make it go faster ... at least you have your hand sewing.

  2. Usually its me and my husband who doing the painting in our house, but I know what its like to live with the mess! Still, it will be worth it in the end I hope! Keep your head down and don't look!

  3. Bring on Wednesday, and some sunshine so the painters can finish the outside bits too!

  4. I think quilters need to have an alternative studio for emergencies like this! Provided on healthcare to keep our sanity!

  5. Good luck with the reno... Did you get that freak storm on thursday.. we could not get out of our street. So happy to see you hand piecing again the Circle BOM, tackle it one at a time.

  6. Yay for hand-sewing projects! Good luck with the renovation :D

  7. I actually shuddered when I saw your house...Im all too familiar with the drop cloth - cant find anything scenario. Hopefully the weather will perk up and those pesky painters will be gone soon!

  8. I admire your ability to get anything done when your house is all stirred up like that! Hopefully, it will all be done soon and the weather will improve too :)

  9. Thank you so much dear friend for all your kind wishes. Things here have greatly improved and Dad has bounced back amazingly well. I'm sure there is more ahead as he is 90 after all but for now all is well.
    I don't envy you all the pre-selling stuff ..or in fact the whole moving thing but you sound like you are ready for the change. Will you be moving back in with BP ? Sounds like you have a nice spot with her there.

  10. Oh this weather has worn out its welcome for sure. Everything in our place is smelling musty and damp, I'm sick of it when it gets to that point. I was in Cairns yesterday and it was lovely but today the rain and all the drama (landslides,flooded creeks, cut roads) that comes with it are back. Your paint must be taking ages to dry! Are you moving to Brisbane? Change is good and after all the stress and packing/unpacking it is all so worth it :-)

  11. Yes I think we have been transported somewhere else and know one told us. WHERE is our sunshine????? You really copped it up your way. My goodness! Renovating is so stressful. We had our floors polished 18 months ago and had to move our whole house into 2 rooms aarrghh! We are supposed to be getting new skirting boards but I can't face it.....not yet! Glad you got some stitching done.


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