Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stuff (as opposed to stuffed)

Apologies to Suz and Alex for the title.

Suz's mug rug is one of the finalists in the Mug Rug section of the Modern Mini Challenge being run by the lovely Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts. I loved Suz's mug rug when she made it and have it bookmarked to use as the design for a Christmas table runner. I'm sure Suz would be over the moon if you popped on over to Jennifer's blog and voted for it.

This is a teeny tiny photo of it, as the only way I could borrow the pic was to use the thumbnail in flickr!

Alex of Teaginny Designs is another blogger whose work I love who also made it into the finals along with other awesome mini quilts. If you haven't already had a look, head over and vote for your favourites. I think you know who I'll be voting for!

We had more bad weather on Monday, after years of very little rain and abnormally dry seasons we are now back to good old fashioned Queensland weather. Lots of rain, cloudy crappy weather, but at least it's still warm.
On Monday we had very strong wind gusts and lots and lots and lots of rain, yes more rain. The weather bureau was saying if the weather depression went out to sea, it could form a cyclone, although it wasn't very likely. If you had taken a look at the radar images you would swear it was already a small cyclone.
One of the casualties of the strong wind gusts and another 8 inches of rain in one day was this tree. Around the corner from my house.
Another casualty of our weather.

Fortunately it fell over and only crushed the fence, if it had fallen the other way it would have completely blocked the road and possibly crushed a passing car. That's a very big tree.
We are not the only ones suffering from excessive rain. In NSW and Victoria they are experiencing terrible flooding as the excess rain that fell a week ago is now waking it's way down through the river systems.

On a brighter note, to prove my babies are still alive, some photos of my feline fur babies, I haven't posted pics of them for ages.
Off cuts from squaring up after quilting are great to lie on!
That looks so uncomfortable
I haven't dated the photos, so I could have killed them off and just be showing you old photos! I know Shay will be wanting proof that they really are still alive. A detective would note that Bailey is lying on the bits from the baby quilt I made.  I suppose I could have stuffed him and artfully posed him lying there!
Although it would be hard to do this to his paws if he was stuffed. Look at those claws, he is one big boy!

I still need to take a photo of the other boy, Karma!


  1. Thank you kindly for the mention. Aren't there so many fantastic minis in that competition!?

  2. Nice pictures of the kitties. I hope your rain stops soon .. didn't y'all have a ton of rain last year too?

  3. Thanks Marg! I really appreciate your post and the picture will put your followers on the right track!!

  4. Shay will be flying out there to see that those cats aren't stuffed now. Is this all a ploy just to get her to visit again?

  5. I saw Lulu's bum last week on FaceTime so I know she was alive then. Karma was still laive last night ....but now that you mention it - I havent seen Bailey in a while......

  6. Great - cats bums are really the image I need in my head before bedtime! I can't remember now what I was going to say!

  7. LOL yes I thought the same thing when I saw that last photo....I'd like to see you try to stuff that! He is a gorgeous boy isn't he. I think you have been getting all our rain, we haven't really had a wet season this year...hopefully a drizzly winter so we can still work :-)


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