Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap

I've been stalking the post office for a couple of weeks now, but finally my persistence paid off and my Mouthy Stitches pouch from Karen at Listen To The Birds Sing  arrived, after taking a very leisurely trip to Chez Sunshine. 

Sometimes the post to paradise is very very slow.  It was worth every minute of waiting for it though, I absolutely love it.

Check out the paper piecing. Karen's insane, she really went out of her comfort zone with this, I would have been happy with a couple of squares sewn together. The work that has gone into it is amazing, and I'm very grateful to Karen for putting all that effort in to a pressie for me!  I am so very lucky and am now the proud owner of this most gorgeous pouch.  Both sides are fantastic, and the details, wow. 

Like the buttons in the corners.

The ribbon tag.

The interior lining and pocket.

I love it!

Look at the cute card that came with it, isn't it adorable.

And to top it off, Karen sent me these gorgeous scraps.

I'm one very lucky and very very happy swapper.


  1. It a great pouch Marg! I especially love the button detail!

  2. It's gorgeous! Lucky you :-)

    I love the star side of the pouch - the colours and details are yummy. How sweet is the card too!

  3. Yippee! I was so sure you would love anything Karen made as I am the proud owner of one of her pouches too. Glad it was worth the wait.

  4. Lovely! I especially dig the EPP star, how perfect. Lucky lady!

  5. Lucky you to receive such a gorgeous package! But I'm sure you are worth it!

  6. It's gorgeous and very you. I bet you're thrilled it finally arrived.

  7. Really lovely, I would be happy too! Love those button details :-)


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