Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another crafty day

I have been busy but not an awful lot to show for it.
I have lots and lots of fabric that I have purchased in the last few months, and I have been having lots of trouble trying to decide which project to tackle first.  I have finished machine quilting the Japanese fabric quilt, but still need to do a little bit of hand embroidery and hand quilting before I reveal it.

I chose to make this quilt next as I needed something that was easy, straightforward and hopefully foolproof, otherwise I could feel my quilting mojo going down the proverbial drain. The pattern I used is Lazy Daisy with Rosie by Penny H Designs, at  Patchwork Angel.

Firstly this

became this,

and finally this.

These are the first few of 35 squares. I still have about 25 to go.

I am trying to figure out how on earth I am going to make myself a design wall, so that I can play around with the design. The squares will be 9"x 9" and with 35 of them it will be quite big, too big to lay it out on the floor and have the cats playing with it.  The only wall that has easy access is right outside the bathroom and toilet.  I am not sure whether I want my quilt pieces to hang there, it is a narrow hallway too, so people will quite possibly brush up against it. All the other walls either have large windows or furniture placed in front of them. So I have my thinking cap on.


  1. I've heard of some people taking photos of each block and then just moving the printed photos around.... might be easier?

  2. I want a design wall too, but have to wait until I have my official sewing room back ...(Goodness knows when that will be as Miss P appears to be firmly ensconsed in my sewing room for the duration - ummmI believe we originally said she could move back in for 3 months )

    I am so glad you have re-found your quilting mojo. It toally sucks when it goes missing. I really need to find some time to just quilt for days on end I think. I'm feeling resentful about having to go to work at the moment because it cuts into my sewing time.

  3. That photo idea sounds like a good one, the cats can't get to that :-)


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