Thursday, May 6, 2010

The dark side

The above photo is my "angel's" bed.  Beautiful isn't it?

Apparently it was TIME, ........................time to vacuum the floor, so all the crap  some of the crap on the floor was deposited on her bed for this very special occasion. I didn't take a shot of the rest of the crap piled up against the wall, which wasn't deemed important enough to move for the above mentioned vacuuming ceremony.

Her room is like a black hole, once anything goes into that room, it never sees the light of day again. I am amazed that the cats and dog ever find their way out of there. Can you spot Bailey having a nice little snooze on the pile of crap?

There he is, looks comfortable doesn't it........not!

When it came time to go to bed, the crap was unceremoniously dumped back on the floor, to make room to get in the bed. It will now stay there for, say, another 6 months minimum until it is deemed vacuuming day minute again.


  1. Hey, I thought that somehow you had come to take a photo of my daughters room! I gave up trying to clean her room when she was about 8. It was always such a hassel to get her to clean her room. I hated the arguments that came from wanting her room clean. She is home now and the room is a mess and I don't care. When she goes back to school I will clean it and it will stay that way until her next break!

  2. Love Bailey on the bed, he looks right at home as only a cat can :-)


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