Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Finally finished this throw, each square is 4" and it is 10 squares x 11 squares.
I was going to make it bigger, but it doesn't get very cold here and it is more than big enough for a lap size throw. 
It is acrylic, which normally I wouldn't use, but I loved these colours and couldn't get them in either wool or cotton. 
It is the first time I have made something in acrylic and it was surprisingly nice to crochet with. I hope it stands the test of time. 

Another thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, look how dark it turned!  These were taken just after 4pm and it doesn't normally get dark until just before 6pm.
If you click on the last photo, you can actually see the rain drops, they were huge.


  1. G'day Marg
    Your laprug turned out beautiful... love the colour combo...
    Good storm yesterday although it rained off & on all night we only got about 10mls... cooled it off well & truly..

  2. Oh it's lovely Marg - the muted colours work perfectly together. It's definitely granny blanket weather here today..brrrr

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the crochet rug. Every time I see something you've crocheted I'm almost inspired to give it a crack...and then I remember all my UFO's. I dont have time for another hobby. I'm barely keeping up with the ones I already have.

    You're one talented lady Marg.

    P.S. Does that mean you've found your crafting mojo?

  4. Hello Marg,
    Nice to meet you. I love your lap rug. I have been inspired by all the lovely crochet I've seen on blogs and I am going to learn this winter even though we don't need any blankets here in Oz!
    for now but I'll be back

  5. I think I may have found my crafting mojo, not saying it too loudly though as it might run away again, touch wood.

  6. thats fabulous marg.....the colours are brilliant....def got the mojo back, how about sharing it!


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