Friday, May 28, 2010

Slack Tea

In honour of the great blog  Quilting in my Pyjamas,  I have dedicated tonight's evening meal to Mrs P.

I am having a very quiet Friday night at home as I have no social life, well actually I went out for lunch to the Noosa Yacht Club and had a lovely lunch and a couple of wines with a girlfriend.

Originally I was going to cook up a storm, involving chicken and a new secret ingredient which fell into my hands yesterday. (All will be revealed in a later post.) However, I didn't go to the supermarket, because of lunch and the couple of wines, so I had to shelve that plan. Next plan was to get take away, but the effort involved in driving 20 mins there to pick it up and then drive 20 mins home was just too much.  So in the great tradition of Slack Tea Thursday, instigated by the marvellous Mrs P, I present the following.

This is Turkish Pide bread slathered with lashings of yummy New Zealand butter and something that looks a bit like Vegemite, doesn't it, but this is edible unlike that disgusting road tar. It is actually this:

A new and IMPROVED version of Vegemite, yes Mrs P, IMPROVED!!!

The sensible people at Kraft obviously decided that those of us with discerning tastebuds would prefer something edible instead of being forced to eat road tar. So this was invented.

It is actually Vegemite but has been watered down mixed with cream cheese, so it has a much milder taste and is far more palatable.

Now we can send this to unsuspecting friends overseas and they won't feel as is they have been poisoned.  The only problem with this version, is because it has cream cheese in it once it has been opened it has to be refrigerated.  Vegemite is so toxic it will live forever un-refrigerated.

This was followed by:

A bag two Fruchocs, a delectable chocolate confection from South Australia. These were giant ones, almost golf ball size, they make them big down there!

So thank you Mrs P for making slack tea a new tradition and for introducing me to Fruchocs, I might have to put in a standing order.


  1. You're a woman after my own heart!
    I went out for lunch today too, and then came home with the same dilemma - couldn't be bothered cooking or driving to get takeaway, so I made vegemite toast. Yep, the REAL thing - delicious road tar yum..hee hee

  2. I am commenting on Friday night because I have no life. Welcome to my world.

    Firstly , I am deeply honoured that you would mention the slack tea concept on your blog. But New Zealand butter? Turkish Pide? I go with plainwrap bread and eta. You're one class act all the way.

    And secondly, that's pretend Vegemite. I had to avert my eyes from it lest my head explode. Good Grief. You didnt crack that jar did you? That isnack is a collectors item now since they renamed it Cheesybite. You could probably get 2 bucks for an unopened jar on ebay.

    But those fruchocs look rockin'.

  3. Well I've have a lovely KFC today but seriously, that stuff!!! Yuck! You taken something rotten and added something evil to it. Cheese is evil! Any cheese. It makes my stomach cramp just thinking about it!!!

  4. Hi Marg, I see Mrs. P sent Fruchocs to you also. I am in love with them! I shared some with my daughter and she loved them and then I hated to have to share! I am not sure the watered down vegemite looks very good. I keep the jar of vegemite Mrs. P sent me on the microwave so that I can see it every day and think of all of my Aussie friends.


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