Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me + Exercise is not a good equation

Do you remember this life changing..... disastrous...... little incident with exercise a couple of weeks ago  here. You might need to read this first, before you read further.

So, after THE unfortunate incident I took it upon myself to continue exercising, by walking on the treadmill in the safety of my own home. It was enjoyable to be able to walk for 30 mins without falling over, tripping up, being savaged by wild beasts or injuring myself. This has been a nice, safe form of exercise for me.
Until Monday morning.  

Unfortunately my treadmill died a very quick and unexpected death................while I was on it.  It could have had disastrous consequences, fortunately for me, I was not running.  I think I would have ended up going through the wall like a bullet, as it stopped instantly, without warning.     The only unusual sign, that things may have been not quite right, was, the electronic read out told me after 10 mins of walking, I had burned 350 calories, woo hoo, and I had covered 6 1/2 miles, wow! I was in the middle of celebrating this awesome achievement when it died.

I am now going to attempt to go walking outside, in the sunshine, with awesome views and hope like heck I don't fall over again. I haven't been able to find a sumo costume so, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I stay upright. BTW I am still waiting for my bubble wrap helmet, Mrs P.

I am also not taking Mr Innocent out for a walk either.

Now that I think I may have found my crafting mojo, I don't want to be savaged again by this gigantic fierce hound.  

Poor boy. 


  1. What is it with blogger, the photos keep on moving, argh!

  2. I thought you were being artistic with your pics.....if you remove your "dobbing on myself " comment so will everyone else.

    P.S. I'm still collecting bubble wrap for your helmet. I want to make sure your head is well protected.

    P.P.S. Take credit for the 350 calories and 6 1/2 miles as well....

  3. How much bubble wrap do you need? My head isn't that big! Although if I keep on getting all these lovely compliments, it may swell somewhat.

    I have absolutely definitely taken credit for every inch of those 6 1/2 miles, it's not often I see those numbers on a treadmill, well, actually I have never seen those kinds of numbers on any treadmill I have ever been on. Just working out how many chocolates I can have now!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think 6.5 miles equates to about 1,768 chocolates. You go girl!


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