Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exercise + me = bad outcome

No dogs were harmed in the following, just me. 

There has been extreme lack of exercise here for some time, partly as I hurt my foot last time I did some serious exercise, partly it's so hot and humid in paradise , and mostly coz I'm lazy.

I tend to either do no exercise at all, or go all out and work out 7 days a week, which I can't sustain, then I stop. Never ending circle!!!!! I need to find a happy medium.

I have now been doing no exercise at all for quite a few months, which has led to weight gain, and consequently high blood pressure.  To counteract this, I have been madly dieting, and dare I say doing well at that, and trying to get back into a bit of exercise, of 30 mins a day.  The weather has been very wet here, and I could go out in the rain and walk with an umbrella, I don't, because our rain is usually torrential, and an umbrella would possibly keep the top of my head dry. I have been intending to use the treadmill at home, but that is boring.  Yesterday I decided I just have to walk, even if I only do two 20 min sessions a day. It is quite hilly around here, and the road I have to walk along to go anywhere further than a 20 min walk has no foot path, very limited pedestrian access and very fast trucks and cars. It is quite dangerous.

Which leads me to todays story. Walking for 20 mins means I can take the dog for a nice quick stroll, on a quite undulating circuit.  It should be pleasant, but as I found out yesterday, due to dogs roaming loose around here it can be quite hazardous for me.  As a dog approached us, I picked Karma up as I thought he might be in danger , and as I picked him up, he bit me, HARD.  Karma is 8 yrs old, he has never bitten me before, ever.  Then when I walked away with him and reached our yard I put him down and he bit me again. HARD, he broke the skin, this from a dog who won't eat bones, biscuits or anything hard.  So there goes the idea of my 20 minutes of walking the dog morning and afternoon. Apparently a number of the dogs in the street are allowed to roam free.

If Karma thinks he is going to get walked again after biting me twice, well, he is very sadly mistaken. (He is an inside dog, but we live on 3 acres so he does get exercise.)

Innocent? I think not.

After this aborted attempt, I went for a walk with Renata, walking along having a nice chat, as we weren't exactly being strenuous,  I tripped over the foot path, did a couple of running steps thinking that I would just stumble, and found myself sprawled on the ground after going A over T in a very undignified manner, ending with a grazed knee and ankle and sore hands. It was funny, in fact very funny, so you can chuckle here, only my pride and dignity were damaged, the graze isn't too bad. Fortunately for me, Renata was the only one who witnessed it....I hope.

This leaves me with the question, which is worse?

A. Doing no exercise

B. Exercising and ending up with serious injuries.

I think I do need to exercise, but I am contemplating buying one of these outfits,
as I should have enough padding to protect me when I fall, and have the extra bonus of sweating off a bit of weight at the same time.

Might need a helmet too.


  1. Please, please, please let me make you a helmet out of bubble wrap! I think that would set the sumo suit off beautifully.

    Gotta tell you I laughed my butt off at this post. (Well just the sumo bit - not the falling over and biting bits)

    I have always maintained excersize is bad for you- now I have proof. This would never have occured if you were sitting on your patootie eating vegemite on toast.

  2. Oh please do, I think that would be awesome. I would rather grow chest hair than go trough that again. Bring on the Vegemite. It probably reduces blood pressure too, if your BP is anything to go by.

  3. Marg, sorry your attempts at walking went so badly. I walk my puppy every day and let dust gather on my treadmill. I am not a person who likes to exercise!

    I love the sumo outfit and I think it will keep you safe on your walks from any injuries and also from any unwanted advances!!

  4. You could just sit in that sumo suit and sweat it off with no effort at all, it would be just like a Sauna. Maybe try picking up Karma again with a pair of gloves on and see if he is still tetchy...he may have a sore back? Especially if he hasn't bitten you before?


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