Friday, April 9, 2010

Craftiness can be bad for you, and a couple of photos.

I woke up this morning with RSI.

After spending way too long a lot of the day yesterday diligently cutting the seams on the raggy quilt, I ended up in pain today. Fortunately it didn't last too long, but I was not impressed.

I gave up going to the gym because I was forever suffering from injuries -
and probably other body parts that I don't remember want to forget.
I was a walking/jogging/exercising disaster.  I had a personal trainer, well not personal exactly, as we went as a group so he was personal for 4 - 6 of us at a time, so let's say group trainer then. It was much cheaper that way, otherwise none of us could afford him. Unfortunately the only time my competitive nature came in to play was in the gym, and it wasn't so much that I wanted to be the best, I just didn't want to be the worst, so I would always push myself. That is why I was always injured.  So you can imagine my WTF moment when I woke up with my wrist throbbing this morning, until I realised it was the quilt's fault ( not mine of course, have to blame the quilt)!!!!!!

I thought doing genteel things like quilting, crocheting, knitting would release me from the ravages of pain and suffering. Until today my muscles, back etc have never felt better.  I am not saying that now I am in perfect physical shape,.................... far far far, (too far), from it,............... but at least I can walk, I don't look like I am 110, hobbling everywhere, and I don't wince and groan when I stand up or sit down.  Today's pain lasted only a few hours, as opposed to a week or more from gym related injury pain.  I now will make a note to myself, if I ever decide to make another one of those quilts.....................DO NOT SPEND ALL DAY CUTTING IT!!!

On another note, I found out from the Queen of Quilting Mrs P herself that it would be far better to wash the quilt in a top loader washing machine or even better the laundromat. I have a front loader so my next mission is to find a laundromat. How embarrassing I don't know the location of the nearest laundromat. So now a big sigh from everyone, as you will all have to wait a wee bit longer to see it finished, until I :
A) find a laundromat, or a lovely friend who has a top loader, none come to mind though....    and
B) wash and dry the quilt.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the back

And some random photos, just because I can.

The first one for Mrs QIMP, I promised you a photo of the cabinet, here it is.

Finally, Bailey, because he is special, in his own lovely way!!!! What more can I say, at least he is modest.


  1. And I am officially in love with the cabinet ...which would look wonderful in my kitchen.

    (I wonder if I can find anything like that here )

    I like the back of your quilt. I'm sorry I rained on your parade with the ragging process.

    Bailey is a typical bloke really isnt he?

    P.S You could google laundromats to find one near you.

  2. I love Bailey!!! Such a Dude....will have to introduce my crazy cat soon! Thanks for the lovely email the other day, my program is playing up so can't email at the moment, but just wanted to say it was lovely and as a recent arrival in Blogland I am also enjoying getting to know new people and places. Its like having heaps of Pen-Pals except we all have something in common :-) I Love It!! PS can't wait to see the other side of your quilt!

  3. Got to love cats and their modesty! At least they are self sufficient! lol..


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